Sunday, 24 May 2015

Artist Feature - Kirsty Baynham

Fox Clock 2

You’ll know Kirsty Baynham for her beautiful prints and stationary. Her work explores the personalities hidden in woodland creatures and the facinationg worlds created by their interwoven shapes and scenery. Kirsty has worked with us at The Red Door since 2010; just after she graduated from Edinburgh college of Art Illustration department.  Over the years since graduating, her collection has gone from strength to strength as she contines to take her work in new directions. The last two years has seen the introduction of laser etched accessories. Beautiful clocks and just recently jewellery.

Kirsty lives on the West Coast surrounded by beautiful scenery in Helensburgh. She very kindly took the time out to answer some of our questions so pop the kettle on, get comfy and learn a little bit more about Kirsty.

Where and what did you study? Was there a reason why you chose to study there?

I studied Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art. The city seemed so fresh and interesting for someone relatively unfamiliar with the East coast, and I was impressed by many of the ECA graduates and their work.

Kirsty Baynham original peacock giclee print

Where do you base yourself now and why?

I live in my hometown of Helensburgh, but do quite a bit of travelling between here, Glasgow and Edinburgh, the three places which I feel most tied to. I like the scenic nature of the surrounding Loch Lomond area, its peacefulness and the wildlife that you see here, but I also miss the city!

kirsty baynham studioKirsty’s organised home studio

Your work is a beautiful mix of animals and geometrics, what inspires your work? Where do you look for inspiration?

I am fascinated by animals, and have been for as long as I can remember. In my final year at art school, I started writing a thesis on symmetry and its formations in nature, and it really inspired my move onto geometrics in my practical work. I think it’s amazing the way that animals interlink with maths in nature – like the built-in sun compass that birds have, and butterflies and sealife who use the earth’s magnetic field for direction. I’m especially interested in woodland creatures as they seem so secretive and mysterious.

If I’m feeling particularly uninspired and need some fresh ideas, I’ll visit somewhere to get some different scenery. Trains are my favourite form of transport, and I always carry a sketchbook and some pens with me. On long journeys, it can be greatly influencing watching all the fields and unusual buildings pass you by out the train window, and some of my best ideas come to me sitting on a window seat in a train, listening to some calm music.


What’s the most enjoyable part of designing and making your own prints, stationery and accessories?

It’s nice to feel part of a community of passionate (and sometimes struggling) artists who live and breathe design, and there is definitely a sense of community among young designer/makers and creative small business owners. It’s very nice to know that other people enjoy my art too. It is a lovely feeling to get interest in my work and sales of my printed designs.

My favourite part of the design process is, strangely, creating my retail packaging. I have always had a weakness for packaging, pretty box nets and templates, fonts and little finishing touches, so choosing papers, colour schemes and layouts is pretty satisfying to me.

Paper Bird PackagingPackaged to perfection!

It’s all in the detail…………….we’re sure you’ll all agree how stunning Kirsty’s packaging is? So much attention to detail and the choosing of the perfect ribbons and coloured string. We’re a sucker for nice packaging too! 

You’ve just added a beautiful necklace to your range? Can we expect more jewellery and products to be added in the future?

I will definitely be bringing out some new jewellery soon. I’m working on several new projects at the moment, including a wooden bear clock and some more screen-printed goods, and among the new collection will be a few new necklaces. I like to be constantly working on something new (at least one new product a month, as a rule) as it makes life more interesting!

kirsty baynham making necklaceKirsty Soldering her new bear necklace

Kirsty is a super busy lady and it’s testament to her ever expanding collection. She’s constantly evolving and it’s what keeps her brand and range so fresh and exciting to follow.

What’s your favourite design/product to date?

I’m quite pleased with the Raincloud Bears necklace. I like the idea of those playful grizzly bears hung around the necks of quirky, brave girls who don’t mind to stand out in the crowd!

original raincloud bears statement necklace by kirsty baynham side view

What do you like to do when you need to get away from work?

When not creating things, I’m usually found under a pile of books, or browsing for interesting trinkets in the local antique shops.

A girl after our own hearts! We love a bit of antique shopping!

Where’s your favourite place to go for coffee and why?

I’m not sure I have a single favourite – I love trying new places – but the most recent coffee shop I stumbled across and loved was Cushion and Cake in the West End of Glasgow. It’s a beautiful (and tiny) little tearoom with lovely cakes and beautiful crockery – definitely somewhere special.

Any interesting fact about you?

I love music and play harp, piano and guitar.

Her talent knows no bounds

A massive thank you to Kirsty for taking the time out from her busy world of animals and geometry; to answer our questions. A talented lady we’re sure you all agree? Artistic and Musical! Whatever is next for Kirsty, we’re excited to see it!

Friday, 22 May 2015

FridayFavourites - Floral Stags

With the arrival of new Mr Stag and Mr Roe from Kirsty of A Wooden Tree.  It seemed only appropirate to show you them along with all our other pretty floral stag prints and Accessories.

This weeks #fridayfavourites is a beautiful collection of Floral Stags, all designed and made in Scotland by five talented ladies with a passion for Scottish Wildlife.

Kirsty of A Wooden Tree makes the most beautiful Stags and Narwhals from gorgeous vintage fabrics that she gives a new lease of life to, by stitching them in to Stags heads to adorn your walls.  As each run of fabric is limited you can be sure to have quite the unique Mr Stag or Mr Roe. Kirsty has just dropped off a fun summery collection for you all to enjoy. The perfect ‘Summer’ update above your fireplace.


Edinburgh based artist Susie Wright is known for her love of Scottish Wildlife. It plays a big part of her usually monochrome collection. After a year out in Australia she’s returned from the sunshine and injected colour in to her new work. We love her Floral Fawn. Beautiful details and bright fluro colours, perfectly framing her delicate Fawn. The perfect combo!

FloralFawnWith an ever expanding collection, Kirsty Baynham is sure to have your favourite animals and geometric shapes covered. From prints to stationary and the welcome addition of new jewellery We love her use of woodland creatues broken down in to delicate geometrics  found in nature. Her new print Flowering Antlers perfectly fits our #fridayfavourites this week.  Also available as a cute notebook set too.

Kirsty will be featured in our Sunday Artist Feature Blog.  We put some of our probing questions to her so don’t forget to pop back and hear what makes her ‘tick’ as an Artist.

original flowering antlers deer giclee print detail by Kirsty Baynham

David and Claire Fleck are the brother and sister duo behind Joy Collection, Laser etched wooden products. You probably recognise their names as they both are well known for their own collection of prints in the gallery.  Their Deer Laser Etched Art Board was the perfect fit this week. A beautiful illustration of a Deer with a floral garland round it’s neck.

Stag Art Board

We all love a little bit of Crafty D.I.Y so let’s finish off with something you can make yourself. The Arran Deer Cut Out and Make Postcard is by the lovely Kate McLelland. 1 of 3 in the collection, why not make them all? A Highland Cow and Pony complete the collection.Deer_Sum1

We hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks #fridayfavourites. This is just a snippet of the wonderful scottish artists and designers we have in the gallery. You can browse by your favourite artist on our website and also by theme if you’re looking for something Scottish, Animal, Pattern themed to name but a few.

Have a lovely weekend and hope the sun is shining where you are. :)



FridayFavourites - Floral Stags

Friday, 15 May 2015

FridayFavourites - Parisian Triangles

FridayFavs15thMayThis week our new windows have been getting lots of attention. You’re all still talking about our wonderful Grey Earl Exhibition and Nicky has been busy working her magic on our second window, an array of triangles and parisian themed goodies for you all to enjoy.

For those of you who can’t quite make it to Edinburgh to see our lovely window displays. This weeks #fridayfavourites gives you a wee taster of the cool art work and accessories we have to offer in this month’s window display.

First up is the wonderful DingDing! We were super excited with the arrival of her new collection; As were you lucky lot! Many of her goodies have flown out our Red Doors to new homes. Fear not though, the lovely Jenna has lots more goodies in the making and on their way to us really soon. dingdingblkruler1

We’re in stationery heaven with her new Screen Printed Plywood Rulers! Available in either black or white they’re sure to catch the attention of your fellow classmates or work collegues. They go perfectly with her Screen Printed Clipboards too.


Jenna’s cute little purses, all handmade and screen printed have been super popular. Jenna is at the rescue and a top up is on it’s way, along with make up bags and possibly one of the coolest screen printed sports bags we’ve seen! We’re all coveting it. Here’s a wee peek of what’s to come. Isn’t it a beaut?

YELLOW_SAUSAGE_BAG_2_low_resIn keeping with our windows Paris theme;  new to the gallery is Akabe Paris. A beautiful collection all the way from Romantic Paris. Leather jewellery, prints and note books. Her collection features girls and rain clouds with lovely patterns. Rain Clouds is something we can relate to here in Edinburgh at the moment. If only ours were this pretty….sigh!

The RainfallThe jewellery collection is a gorgeous mix of bright and neutral leathers in cloud formations. finished off with gold plated chain.

Cloud Brooch in green by AkabeShow off your french skillz…………..with this fun Ecosse necklace by Bonnie Bling. That’s Scotland in french don’t you know?? This is just one of the many Bonnie Bling necklaces we have in the collection.


To finish off our Parisian #fridayfavourites  are some of your favourite Paris themed prints. Paris by Pleased to Meet, part of a collection of prints, London and NewYork also available from this fun Berlin based company. All prints are limited edition and offset printed on a Heidelberg printing press.


Ohh La La by Alice Tait is also a firm favourite, who doesn’t love a très chic lady walking round paris with her pooches and a beautiful shot of the Eiffel Tower in the background? Alice has a range of prints inspired by Paris. Available on our website.

Ooh La La

Edinburgh based Kate McLelland’s popular Skyline postcards featuring good old Edinburgh, London and Paris, a favourite with our customers. Also available as beautiful prints to mark those special places you’ve visited on your travels.

ParisWell holiday season is upon us,maybe our #fridayfavourites have inspired you to head off to Paris?  Some sun would be nice……where is it hiding?

 shelflifemay#Shelflife Inspired by our windows

Happy Weekend! :)

FridayFavourites - Parisian Triangles

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Artist Feature - Hello Sunshine


If you’ve been a Red Door fan for awhile now, you’ll recognise the fun animal inspired jewellery of Hello Sunshine. The lovely lady behind this quirky label is Jo Want. Designer and creator of your favourite tweet lil studs and cat necklaces. Jo has worked with us at the Red Door since 2011.

Jo has just recently undergone a rebrand at Hello Sunshine HQ and quit her day job to follow her dreams of working full time, surrounded by boxes of Sunshine!

Hello Sunshine Cheese&Biscuit range

We’re sure you’ll agree, her new collection and branding is fantastic and her work can’t help but bring a smile to your face. Jo took the time to pop on the kettle, gather round her kitties and answer a few of our probing questions. We can be a little bit nosey sometimes!

Where and What did you study? Was there a reason why you chose to study there?

I decided to study in my home town of Nottingham and chose to do the Decorative Arts BA course at Nottingham Trent University. If I’m honest I didn’t really know what I wanted to do after my Art Foundation course – that was the BEST year of my educational life and as I enjoyed exploring so many different processes and disciplines within Art and Design. The Decorative Arts course on my doorstep seemed like a pretty good option! I’m pleased to say it was too as I had the BEST time there!

Hello Sunshine MrFox range


Mr Fox Collection

Where do you base yourself now and why?

After many adventures travelling and holidaying after University I am actually still based in Nottingham surrounded by my family and many of my friends. Nottingham is a great city and will always be home to me but this Summer I am planning on relocating Sunshine Towers (and the kitties) down to Cambridge to move in with a boy! Eeek! So watch this space…

You recently went full time as Hello Sunshine, How difficult was it to make the leap?

It was an incredibly difficult decision to be honest. I was in a lovely creative (and secure) job at Boots Head Office and part of the most amazing team of people but at the same time my little business was growing and over the last year I had been facing some pretty tough personal ups and downs too. There was A LOT going on. In the end everything was getting a bit too much and I had to sit myself down and really ask myself what I really wanted and what was important because I wasn’t able to do everything and was slowly breaking myself by trying. As cheesy as it sounds I decided to follow my heart and dreams and give Hello Sunshine the shot it deserved at being my full time income. It’s SO scary but I guess you never know until you try.

What’s the biggest inspiration behind your work?

Adventures to new places, food, people and day to day experiences… I realise that is a lot but I often find myself being inspired by many things and anything I have a true love of seems to work its way into my jewellery somehow! For example my kitties, Toby and Pegs both inspired my Little Black and Tabby Cat ranges of jewellery. When it comes to doodling Sunshine commissions though the people and their personalities are just the best inspiration. Whether it’s someone I know personally or a complete stranger, every doodle I create is unique and I love that!



The Perfect Kitty Helpers – Toby and Pegs 


What’s the most enjoyable part of designing and making your own jewellery?

I love the brainstorming and actual design process above all, especially as I find inspiration from so many things! I can be almost anywhere and if something pops into my head I scribble it down and then get overexcited about the time I’ll then spend in the studio working out how to turn the random ideas and thoughts into pieces of jewellery.


Hello Sunshine LittleTabbyCat rangeWhat’s your favourite piece to date?

Oooh as much as I love the Little Black and Tabby Cat studs I think I have to say that right now it has to be one of my shiny new pieces from my new ‘Cheese’ collection. The Cheese & Biscuit necklace represents one of my all time favourite treats and is a totally fun piece of jewellery! I love it and hope all of the other cheese fiends out there do too!

Hello Sunshine Cheese&Biscuit necklace 02


What do you like to do when you need to get away from work?

As well as eating cheese and spending time with the kitties in my garden I really enjoy running, cycling and generally being outdoors. Adventuring to new places and eating new foods feature heavily in my lifestyle too but there are also times when I just enjoy cuddling up on the sofa with a book, brew and blanket!

SunshineatVelodromeJo experiencing the thrill of the Velodrome! – Lucky Girl 

Where’s your favourite place to go for coffee and why?

Mmm coffee! At the moment I do love going to The Pudding Pantry in Nottingham. Their coffee is just divine and the cakes they have on display! Oh. My. Goodness. I’m not a cakey person but when I see the ones at The Pudding Pantry I want to put my face in them all! One glimpse on their website and you can see just what Jo is talking about!! WOW!! She’s a lucky lady to have this place close by.

Any interesting facts about you?

I am 30 (going on 3). I currently have pink hair. I am terrified of trains. I listen to Disney soundtracks every time I have to do admin/face a spreadsheet). I hate mint, orange and dark chocolate. I love cheese. My two cats are named after characters from Puddle Lane (a childhood TV fave!).I would very much like someone to draw a full floral sleeve tattoo on my left arm.

I have tried every burger on the menu at Annie’s Burger Shack in Nottingham. They look like some tasty burgers!! Yum!



Lastly…….. I believe that you cannot beat quality time with those you love.

I’m sure you’ll all agree, Jo is a lovely Sunny person, just like her Jewellery collection. You can keep up to date with what’s happening in Jo’s world over on her Instagram. There are some drool worthy images of her foodie adventures and many too cute for words, photos of her adorable kitties.

A big Thank you to Jo for taking the time out to answer our questions.

Hello Sunshine LittleBlackCat range

Full collection online now!





Artist Feature - Hello Sunshine

Friday, 8 May 2015

Friday Favourites - The Force Is Strong With This One!

We’ve all gone a little bit Star Wars crazy this week. You’d have to be living under a rock on Monday to not be inundated with Star Wars themed posts and tweets across social media.

It seemed only right that our new exhibition ‘Stars Are Braw’ by The Grey Earl was installed on May 4th! Attracting lots of attention as Jon Bishop aka The Grey Earl installed it.  You can see images of his window installation over on our Pinterest page.

Stars Are Braw window prints with darf by The Grey Earl at The Red Door Gallery

If you’d like to find out  a little more about Jon and his work, pop on over to our blog and have a wee read of the Artist Feature we did on him a few months back.

With the arrival of our fab new window, you’ve all been super keen to get your hands on some much loved Star Wars themed prints this week, you lucky guys and gals have had a few of our lovely artists to choose from to get that much needed #fridayfavourites Star Wars fix.

gie's a rocket

First up is just a snippet of what the Stars Are Braw exhibition has to offer. Gies’ A Shit on yer Rocket and You Absolute Belter . Star Wars Characters and Scottish Dialect – A Match made in heaven! These are sure to bring a big smile to your face.


Millenium Falcon For Sale anyone? It’s a bit of a bargain if you ask me! We love this Rich Fairhead print. The perfect gift for the kid that always dreamed of owning his very own when he grew up! Dream Big!


Stormtroopers…..ahem….Kissing?? Treat your other half to this great  2 colour screen print by Barry D Bulsara.


Another in the range by Barry, is Darth Vader Goes Postal.  Really not much to say about this one, Darth Vadar Goes Postal… as he tends to! Limited Edition Screen Print.postal


Barry is a big fan of Star Wars and regularly attends Comicon events. We will be featuring Barry on our blog really soon, Watch this space.

This is just a snippet of the Star Wars themed prints we have in the stock. There are more in the range from The Grey Earl and Barry D Bulsara.

Have a great weekend and May The Force Be With You! ;)


Friday Favourites - The Force Is Strong With This One!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

May the 4th be with you exhibition

Live Tweet on May the 4th -best pallsThe Grey Earl Exhibition with window illustrations is launching TOMORROW, May 4th at The Red Door Gallery, watch it unfold live on facebook, instagram and twitter by following @RedDoor_Gallery until then… May the 4th be with you…

May the 4th be with you exhibition

May the 4th be with you exhibition

Live Tweet on May the 4th -belterThe Grey Earl Exhibition with window illustrations is launching this Bank Holiday Monday, May 4th at The Red Door Gallery, watch it unfold live on facebook, instagram and twitter by following @RedDoor_Gallery until then… May the 4th be with you…

May the 4th be with you exhibition

Saturday, 2 May 2015


Live Tweet on May the 4th - lads The Grey Earl Exhibition with window illustrations is launching this Bank Holiday Monday, May 4th at The Red Door Gallery, watch it unfold live on facebook, instagram and twitter by following @RedDoor_Gallery until then… May the 4th be with you…


Friday, 1 May 2015

Friday Favourites - I Want To Ride My Bicycle

FridayFavsMay1Were we not just super lucky with the beautiful weather last week? We couldn’t wait to get out in the sunshine and explore what Edinburgh has to offer on two wheels. This week well, the sun is shining but it’s a little cold out there, still great weather to grab your bike and head out for a pedal.

This week’s #fridayfavourites is all about our favourite two wheels!

New work has arrived from Barry D Bulsara. We love his new print inspired by the H.G Wells quote. We have to agree. The world would be a much happier place if we all got out cycling a little bit more. There’s so much more to see of the area you live in by bike! We’re spoilt for choice here in Edinburgh. Head for the hills or head for the coast, or both in the same day. They are all but a short cycle away. :)

HG WellsWe’ve just received a new delivery of prints from local artist and keen cyclist Rebecca Kaye. All your favourites are now topped up again. Treat your fellow cyclist to this ‘Great Minds Ride A Bike’ Screen Print.

GREAT_MINDS_BIKE_YWe’re also happy to tell you that, Rebecca’s popular Highland Fling Print is now available as a Poster too. The perfect print to mark your Scottish cycling adventure.

Highland Fling Poster

It can get a little chilly outside, even in the Summer! the perfect cycling accessory to keep you cosy out on your cycling adventures is Stitch Mi Lane Woolen Accessories. These are definitely a must this week!

WEB - Bike Twist Snood cream and pink

SQ - WEB - Bike Twist Snood cream and Navy cuttout 1

We don’t like to head out on our bikes without our trusty puncture repair kit at hand, No one wants to carry their bike home! We love Jeff Josephine’s beautiful Make Tracks Linocut Print. The perfect reminder before you head out the door!



If like us, you know many cyclist that seem to collect bikes, Charlotte Farmers Bicycle Prints are the perfect gift. Charlottes screen prints each feature a number of classic bikes sure to get the bike enthusiast talking about their all time favourite bikes! Tandem anyone? Don’t knock it until you try it! ;)


If you like bikes but aren’t up for an epic journey exploring the landscape, and a fashionable cycle round town is all you care for, then And Smile Studio has the perfect print in her Cheeky Cycling Fox Print. Doesn’t he look cool?

Fox Cyclist

Maybe you’re cool dudes like Claude and Tyrone by Mr Millerchip and you like to show off your skills at the local Skatepark.


However you choose to get out on your two wheels. Have fun!

Happy Long Weekend!


Friday Favourites - I Want To Ride My Bicycle