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Artist Feature - Kirsty Baynham

Fox Clock 2

You’ll know Kirsty Baynham for her beautiful prints and stationary. Her work explores the personalities hidden in woodland creatures and the facinationg worlds created by their interwoven shapes and scenery. Kirsty has worked with us at The Red Door since 2010; just after she graduated from Edinburgh college of Art Illustration department.  Over the years since graduating, her collection has gone from strength to strength as she contines to take her work in new directions. The last two years has seen the introduction of laser etched accessories. Beautiful clocks and just recently jewellery.

Kirsty lives on the West Coast surrounded by beautiful scenery in Helensburgh. She very kindly took the time out to answer some of our questions so pop the kettle on, get comfy and learn a little bit more about Kirsty.

Where and what did you study? Was there a reason why you chose to study there?

I studied Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art. The city seemed so fresh and interesting for someone relatively unfamiliar with the East coast, and I was impressed by many of the ECA graduates and their work.

Kirsty Baynham original peacock giclee print

Where do you base yourself now and why?

I live in my hometown of Helensburgh, but do quite a bit of travelling between here, Glasgow and Edinburgh, the three places which I feel most tied to. I like the scenic nature of the surrounding Loch Lomond area, its peacefulness and the wildlife that you see here, but I also miss the city!

kirsty baynham studioKirsty’s organised home studio

Your work is a beautiful mix of animals and geometrics, what inspires your work? Where do you look for inspiration?

I am fascinated by animals, and have been for as long as I can remember. In my final year at art school, I started writing a thesis on symmetry and its formations in nature, and it really inspired my move onto geometrics in my practical work. I think it’s amazing the way that animals interlink with maths in nature – like the built-in sun compass that birds have, and butterflies and sealife who use the earth’s magnetic field for direction. I’m especially interested in woodland creatures as they seem so secretive and mysterious.

If I’m feeling particularly uninspired and need some fresh ideas, I’ll visit somewhere to get some different scenery. Trains are my favourite form of transport, and I always carry a sketchbook and some pens with me. On long journeys, it can be greatly influencing watching all the fields and unusual buildings pass you by out the train window, and some of my best ideas come to me sitting on a window seat in a train, listening to some calm music.


What’s the most enjoyable part of designing and making your own prints, stationery and accessories?

It’s nice to feel part of a community of passionate (and sometimes struggling) artists who live and breathe design, and there is definitely a sense of community among young designer/makers and creative small business owners. It’s very nice to know that other people enjoy my art too. It is a lovely feeling to get interest in my work and sales of my printed designs.

My favourite part of the design process is, strangely, creating my retail packaging. I have always had a weakness for packaging, pretty box nets and templates, fonts and little finishing touches, so choosing papers, colour schemes and layouts is pretty satisfying to me.

Paper Bird PackagingPackaged to perfection!

It’s all in the detail…………….we’re sure you’ll all agree how stunning Kirsty’s packaging is? So much attention to detail and the choosing of the perfect ribbons and coloured string. We’re a sucker for nice packaging too! 

You’ve just added a beautiful necklace to your range? Can we expect more jewellery and products to be added in the future?

I will definitely be bringing out some new jewellery soon. I’m working on several new projects at the moment, including a wooden bear clock and some more screen-printed goods, and among the new collection will be a few new necklaces. I like to be constantly working on something new (at least one new product a month, as a rule) as it makes life more interesting!

kirsty baynham making necklaceKirsty Soldering her new bear necklace

Kirsty is a super busy lady and it’s testament to her ever expanding collection. She’s constantly evolving and it’s what keeps her brand and range so fresh and exciting to follow.

What’s your favourite design/product to date?

I’m quite pleased with the Raincloud Bears necklace. I like the idea of those playful grizzly bears hung around the necks of quirky, brave girls who don’t mind to stand out in the crowd!

original raincloud bears statement necklace by kirsty baynham side view

What do you like to do when you need to get away from work?

When not creating things, I’m usually found under a pile of books, or browsing for interesting trinkets in the local antique shops.

A girl after our own hearts! We love a bit of antique shopping!

Where’s your favourite place to go for coffee and why?

I’m not sure I have a single favourite – I love trying new places – but the most recent coffee shop I stumbled across and loved was Cushion and Cake in the West End of Glasgow. It’s a beautiful (and tiny) little tearoom with lovely cakes and beautiful crockery – definitely somewhere special.

Any interesting fact about you?

I love music and play harp, piano and guitar.

Her talent knows no bounds

A massive thank you to Kirsty for taking the time out from her busy world of animals and geometry; to answer our questions. A talented lady we’re sure you all agree? Artistic and Musical! Whatever is next for Kirsty, we’re excited to see it!

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