Sunday, 29 March 2015

Explore The Great Outdoors In Edinburgh

Ellie Walker - Outside in Edinburgh - coverSunday’s are the perfect day to get out and explore the Great Outdoors in Edinburgh. With so much nature to see on our doorstep we sometimes forget how lucky we are living in this fine city.

Let Ellie Walker guide you round some of Edinburgh’s sometimes forgotten sites, with her new Outside-In Edinburgh Travel Guide.

Ellie Walker - Outside in Edinburgh - sample page 1

Ellie is a 3rd Year Illustration Student and made this little guide to go alongside her print, The Pentlands as part of their ‘Look What I Saw In Edinburgh’ Installation in our window. Ellie has her own website to accompany this illustrated guide. It features lots of helpful tips on When To Visit and How to get there on all of the areas featured in her guide.

Ellie Walker ThePentlands

It’s the perfect little guide when you just want to get out of the city and stretch those legs!

Some of our favourites escapes include, The Pentlands for a walk or a cycle. The views from the top are amazing. If you’re lucky you might bump in to some of these guys! We do love a highland cow!

highland cow


Another favourite and within walking distance is the wonderful Botanic Gardens. You could spend hours wandering the grounds and ducking in and out of the greenhouses.  Spot many exotic plants in the hot houses or grab a coffee and sit watching the world float on by.

Ellie Walker - Outside in Edinburgh - sample page 2

Hope you’re all having fun out there this Sunday, and are managing to avoid the sporadic rain showers. There has been the odd glimpse of sunshine too!

Explore The Great Outdoors In Edinburgh

Friday, 27 March 2015

Friday Favourites - Give The Gift of Rabbits!

rabbitsfridayfavsEaster is fast approaching! Why not treat your loved ones to some great Rabbit themed Art and Accessories instead of the inevitable Chocolate Easter Egg? Or if you’re feeling generous then maybe both??

The lovely Mary of Mary’s Milk Bar in the Grassmarket has some pretty special Easter Eggs on offer! nudge, nudge, wink wink!! ;)

This weeks #fridayfavourites has gone a little bunny crazy! First up is everyones favourite Superhero Rabbit by Ham Jo perfectly captures the unexpected and fantastical moments from the lives of rabbits. Superhero is one of 11 rabbits in cute human like situations. Boucing, off for a swim? There are too many to decide. They look great as a trio!

The Double Bunny Cushion by Corby Tindersticks is sure to bring joy to your Easter Celebration. two bunny pals just hanging out in all their brightly coloured glory! We also have one of their pals all out by himself! Button Fandango would love to join your Easter Celebrations!

Rabbit CushionWe introduced you to Keecie’s collection in last weeks #fridayfavourites. This week it’s her bright sunny yellow collection! The perfect Spring like Daffodil colour! The pocket friend wallet features a cute little bunny screen printed inside. Why not fill it up with some chocolate mini eggs for a special gift?

Pocket Friend InsideEmily Mackenzies Cheeky little rabbit print is sure to put a smile on both adults and children alike. Available with both blue and pink background colours. Emily will be featured in next weeks Artist Blog. Keep your eyes peeled to find out all about Emily and her practice.

Two features from the lovely A Wooden Tree in this weeks Blog. The new magical Mr Jackalope.He’s a cross between a rabbit and a Roe deer and is wearing a rather dapper fringy crown of rosemary ant thyme. I’m sure you’ll agree with us and Kirsty, that we wish he was real!


We’re also featuring Mr Roe Deer in a beautiful Country Blue Vintage Fabric. He’s the perfect spring colours and would be a great spring update to your home.

The clocks go back this weekend, Yay! That means more daylight and more to fit into our days. These Copper and Brass notebooks from Tom Pigeon are the perfect companion to keep track of all your extra activities!


We hope this weeks #fridayfavourites has given you lots of Easter Bunny ideas!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the extra daylight!


Friday Favourites - Give The Gift of Rabbits!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Look What I Saw in Edinburgh!

IMG_20150324_165300Huge thanks go to Victoria Ball and Molly Soar for their superb work today installing #LookWhatISawInEdinburgh the 3rd year Illustration student exhibition!

March 24 –April 15 –Edinburgh College of Art & The Red Door Gallery –

42 Victoria St –Edinburgh –EH1 2JW –

Throughout Edinburgh there are secret sites and pockets of charm known in detail by the locals that are a little bit harder for visitors to find. This March, The Red Door Gallery has asked Edinburgh College of Art 3rd Year Illustration students to re-consider Edinburgh, both as a world renowned city of historic interest, and as a working city, home to hundreds of thousands of residents, including themselves!

The Red Door Gallery is in search of a new perspective on our city and challenged this impressive group of 14 proactive, illustration students to design a print and matching badge which hints at Edinburgh. The challenge is to retain a strong sense of place, without relying on stereotypes, creating a depiction of how they would want Edinburgh to be portrayed to an international audience.

We cannot wait to see the results and look forward to helping establish the first rungs of professional practice on what promises to be a bright career path for this talented student group.

Exhibition poster designed by ECA student, Victoria Ball.

exhibition poster-web-square

The Prints


  • Size: 5.5 cm diameter

  • Price: £3 per badge

Please pop into the gallery to get to know us  email with any questions.


Look What I Saw in Edinburgh!

Edinburgh College of Art Window Illustration

exhibition poster-web-square

Victoria Bell from ECA is illustrating on our windows, live updates all day!  Victoria designed the poster for our 3rd year Illustration Student Exhibition, which will be hung today and available online soon.  We have some impressive pieces in from this pro-active student group.

IMG_20150324_111307Our windows have been unusually empty this morning, so we are looking forward to seeing the final display and Window Illustration.

IMG_20150324_110118 Please join us on instagram @RedDoor_Gallery, Facebook “The Red Door Gallery, Edinburgh” and Twitter @RedDoor_Gallery to see the exhibition unfold.IMG_20150324_112820We have some excellent light today, creating some realy interesting images… #LookWhatISawInEdinburgh!

Edinburgh College of Art Window Illustration

Friday, 20 March 2015

FridayFavourites - Blue is The Colour!

We’re feeling blue in the gallery for this weeks #fridayfavourites; but it’s not what you think. We’re surrounded by lots of gorgeous new blue artwork and accessories. They take us off dreaming of turquoise blue seas and holidays ahead!

First up and the centrepiece of this weeks favourites, Earth by David Fleck part of his Celestial Cities Collection, each representing the main celestial bodies in our solar system, from the Sun all the way out to Neptune. This is a limited Edition Woodblock print. The full collection can be seen here


Life at Sea anyone? our next two friday favourites could see you dream of the ocean! A must for Wes Anderson fans in the new Steve Zissou Print by AndSmile Studio the perfect illustration of Steve lost at sea! Love Steve so much that you want to carry him around all day? We can help with that, he also comes as a brooch!

steve zissou TLA - held

The perfect collection of notebooks for capturing your memoirs at sea ( or just doodling and hangman!) New from Hole in my pocket is their Life On the Ocean Waves Notebook Set. Beautifully illustrated with the adventures and characters of their little Ships Crew.

A Life On the Ocean Waves Jotter Set

Perfect blues, the new Leather purse range from Keecie has arrived! Buttery soft leather with unique screen printing inside! We have a range of styles from mini card/coin holder for those that like to travel light through to larger purses for those that like to carry everything but the kitchen sink!!

Mini Me Faded BlueLike to colour in? This is the perfect Shit Colouring book from Carolyn Alexander. Pens at the ready……..there’s lots of rude characters in there, might be difficult to keep within the lines when you’re laughing so much!!

It’s lonely out there in the ocean……em fish tank! Poor lonely goldfish by Andy Smith, would love a new home and some exciting surroundings to look at! This is a great solid wood hand painted sculpture. he’s currently bobbing aroud taking in the sights of Victoria Street from our window! Would you like to give this lonely guy a new home?

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks #fridayfavourites and it’s got you dreaming of the big blue! The sun is on the horizon! head for the beach! Brrrrrrr!!! Bit cold for that in Scotland!

Have a lovely weekend! x

FridayFavourites - Blue is The Colour!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Throw Back Thursday - Gemma Correll Interview!

Long time Red Door Blog Lovers will know we have a healthy archive of posts, going back to January 2008!  We have decided it would be fun to share some of the amazing interviews taken from our old blog, with you all here, as we are on the cusp of re-launcing our blog interviews, (blog-terviews?) of course, this is top secret information.gc13-_2_-copy

It seems fitting to start our re-blogging with the phenominal Gemma Correll whose impressive carrear is inspiring the next generation of illustrators and whose characteristic illustrations you will have seen in press, print and of course, The Red Door shelves.  We are delighted to still support Gemma in 2015, we carry a brilliant range of greetings cards and stationary, one of our faves is above… any new runner can relate to this feeling!

Pug Positions Pencil Case

The below article was posted on August 8 2009 so please keep your Throw Back specks firmly in place while reading the below…just to bring you upto date, you should know that Gemma is now represented internationally by the prestigeous Anna Goodman Illustration Agency , has travelled around a lot since living in Norwich and at long last, has her very own pug, the fameous Mr Pickles who features in her illustrations and has visied us here in Edinburgh a few times.

Throw Back Thursday – Gemma Correll Interview!



The Red Door Gallery would simply not be the same if it wasn’t for the wonderful support of independent and emerging designers and artists dedicated to presenting original, inspirational and affordable artwork.

In amongst all of these talented folk is the very lovely Gemma Correll. Based in Norwich, Gemma Correll is a freelance illustrator producing prints, zines and quirky accessories (including the ever popular ‘bean brooches’….we couldn’t get enough of these, now no longer available). Gemma’s works and her blog about her creative adventures always make us smile from ear to ear. Gemma adores drawing, making things, cuddling kittens and drinking coffee….sometimes all at once. Her work is a mixture of character design, pattern, typography and doodles. So when Gemma agreed to be our first interviewee for our monthly designer/artist feature we were over the silvery moon! Thanks for giving us a great fun read Gemma!….

Q – Please describe what you do. What materials/techniques do you use?

A – I’m an illustrator stroke crafts person (crafts girl?). I generally use pen, pencil, printmaking processes, collage and a bit of paint for my illustrations. Oh and trusty photoshop. I also make plushies and brooches out of felt and calico and hand-paint ceramics, among other things!

Q – Where do you live? How does it feed your art?

A – I live in Norwich at the moment, although I’m hoping to move somewhere warmer next year. I get a lot of inspiration from the people in Norwich, especially the ones that I see in the city at weekends who have probably never travelled any further than Great Yarmouth.

Q – Describe your studio. Where is it? How often do you use it? Do you work alone?

A – My studio is the spare room in the apartment that I share with my boyfriend Anthony, who is also an artist. He works in the living room (if you can call it that, our apartment is basically one big studio with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen attached). I spend the majority of my time there, listening to music and drawing or sewing or packing orders….etc.

Q – What name do you work under?

A – It’s just Gemma Correll. Very boring. Although I am under the impression that I am the only person called Gemma Correll in the world, which is pretty cool. There have been reports of a Gemma Correll in Australia but those have yet to be confirmed.

Q – Have you always been a designer? How did you end up doing what you do now?

A – After graduating I worked at Topshop for a short time, which was awful and then as a Teaching Assistant which was lovely but tiring. I was still doing my illustration work on the side. Now I’m financially able to survive as a full-time freelance illustrator, which is great – I’m really lucky.

Q – Where did you study?

A – I studied here in Norwich at the School of Art & Design. I graduated with a first class BA in Graphic Design, specializing in Illustration.

Q – What inspires you?

A – People and animals, things I overhear, old stuff that I find at car boot sales, Americana, kitsch from the 50s, vintage screen prints, music, breakfast cereals……pretty much anything.

Q – Is there anyone or any style that you’re influenced by?

A – I think I started to develop my ‘style’ when I was young. I have wanted to be an illustrator since I was a little girl (it sounds cliched but it’s true!) and I used to be quite obsessed with illustrators like Posey Simmonds and the cartoonist Giles. So they were definite influences on my developing style. I try not to be too influenced by other artists now and just concentrate on refining my own style. It’s easy to look at someone like Lizzy Stewart and wish I could draw as well as her and want to emulate her style….but I don’t draw like her. I draw like me.

Q – What piece of machinery or tool could you not live without?

A – Pens. Not the most sophisticated of tools, but if I was stuck on a desert island I’d have to have my pens. And my Macbook….

Q – Besides the products you sell at The Red Door is there anything else that you make?

A – I sometimes make jewellery but that’s just for me….It’s far too shabby to be sold in any shop, it tends to fall apart quickly.

Q – What are you working on at the moment?

A – I’m designing a tea towel for To Dry For, which I’m really excited about. That and a couple of editorial commissions.

Q – What do you do when you are not working? Can you switch off? How do you unwind?

A – I do find it really difficult to switch off. Even if I sit down to watch a movie I’m sewing bean brooches at the same time. The one thing that helps me to unwind is yoga. I go to a class once a week which isn’t really enough but I don’t have time to go to any more that that!

Q – What’s your favourite pastime?

A – Eating nice food and drinking coffee. And coveting other people’s pets. We’re not allowed animals in our apartment but I really, really want a cat and a pug.

Q – What do you like least about being a designer? Any occupational hazards?

A – It’s very easy to procrastinate, especially if you’re working from home. Also it’s pretty hard work. I don’t have a lot of free time. I work every day, including weekends and evenings. Sometimes I do think it might be easier to just go and get a ‘real’ job…..but I couldn’t do it.

Q – What do you like most about being a designer?

A – I like that I can decide when I work. I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to take a holiday or go and buy a coffee. As a freelancer, I can travel and take my work with me, which is awesome. I love being a designer and I realise that I am very lucky!

Q – What’s your favourite possession? This can be absolutely anything!

A – I don’t know really. I have a pair of shoes that I really like but to be honest, it’s all material….I’d rather have a pug!

Q – What advice would you offer to other creatives?

A – Persevere! When you’re starting out, it may seem like you’re working really hard for no real gain….but it will be worth it eventually….honest.

LINK LIST. Who’s work do you love? Any artists/makers/friends/galleries/websites you’d like to share.

Bjorn Run Lie

Anke Weckmann
Max Estes

Camilla Engman
Lizzy Stewart

Anthony Zinonos
Lizz Lunney

There are loads more but I can’t list everyone. I publish a blog about my favourite artists:

Thanks Gemma! You are definitely one of our favourites….

Pictures top to bottom, left to right: Bean Brooches, Cat Mart, Gemma’s studio at home, Mickey Bouncer, Good Hair, I Like You, We Are Robots, I Love Coffee, My Idea of a Good Party, Favourite Print.

Thanks for reading our #TBT blog post!

Throw Back Thursday - Gemma Correll Interview!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

St Patricks day celebrations!


St Patricks day is both a cultural and religious celebration which occurs on this day every year.  March 17th is celabrated as the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), the foremost patron saint of Ireland.

We thought we’d celebrate Red Door Style, by sharing some of our favourite green things, as featrued in Ashley’s Spring Greens Blog last month and also with a very brief introduction to this new print range from Joel Millerchip, more information coming to this blog soon about him and his practice.  For now though, just enjoy this sneek preview of the green editin of “The Bottlenecks”, whrra pun!

Green Bottlenecks

A quick hop to wikkipedia, shows that St Patrick’s day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the British Overseas Territory of Montserrat. It is also widely celebrated by the Irish diaspora around the world, especially in Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand…. quite the list, perhaps we will join them in some celebrating after work!

What ever you are doing, have a fantastic St Patricks day!

Spottify’s St Patrick Day Playlist:

1. “Take Me to Church” – Hozier

2. “Hall of Fame” – The Script

3. “Superheroes” – The Script

4. “Chasing Cars” – Snow Patrol

5. “With Or Without You” – U2

6. “Breakeven” – The Script

7. “Brown Eyed Girl” – Van Morrison

8. “Beautiful Day” – U2

9. “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” – The Script

10. “Zombie” – The Cranberries

11. “For the First Time” – The Script

12. “9 Crimes” – Damien Rice

13. “If You Could See Me Now” – The Script

14. “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”- U2

15. “Only Time – Original Version” – Enya

16. “One” – U2

17. “The Blower’s Daughter” – Damien Rice

18. “Nothing” – The Script

19. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” – U2

20. “Nothing Compares 2 U” – Sinead O’Connor



St Patricks day celebrations!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Tiger Coffee Break



Got the eye of the tiger and your gonna hear me roar….IMG_20150307_104146Louder than a Lion...

xiao flower brooches

Mid morning coffe is quite an important part of our day here at Red Door HQ, we use it as a time to catch up and plan the week ahead…. whatever the day of the week!  Today’s meeting is a proper tiger coffee break, music wise and new product wise!  Yesterday’s arrival of Tiger and Lion cushions by Zixiao has led to much a mention of Katy Perry‘s song ROAR (which is the music we are tapping our toes to just now).  It’s the video that accompnies this pop anthem that we keep pulling back to when looking at the new range of animal face cushions and floral brooches in from illlustrator Zixiao. Behind the eye of the tiger, is there a little nod to truly inspirational artist,  Freida Kahlo?


Freida Kahlo Self PortraitKahlo created her distinctively female visual language, which has influenced feminism and carried with it the empowerment of generations woman throug the 20th centuary and beyond.   Including references to many animals native to her home in Mexico and bright floral headresses.

freida A4katy_perry_roar_animals

Freida Kalho (above Katy Perry) is by Red Door artist And Smile, and is her tribute to the artist.  So if your having a ROAR on the dance floor this weekend, or on your couch at home, or just on your coffee break, then think of Freida too.


Tiger Coffee Break

Thursday, 12 March 2015

State of Independents

Evening News Article12-03-15 Take it as red: The Red Door Gallery takes on many roles, including shop, gallery and art boutique.

Opening doors to shoppers and artists alike  – Article in The Evening News 12/03/2015

It’s a gallery, a shop and an art boutique.  It sells everything from bags to brooches, cards to cushions, and prints to pom-pom hats.  And it helps to support emerging young artists to bridge the gap between creativity and commercial success.

The Red Door Gallery in Victoria Street fulfils many roles but for the shopper in search of a gift, a piece of art or a unique hand crafted product, prices range from a few quid to more than £100.  There are gifts for men, women and children, jewellery, homewares, bags, accessories and gift vouchers.

After 12 years in buisness it is still thriving, offering a constantly fresh range of pieces at reasonable prices, despite the demise of some other small retailers during the recession.

Creative Manager, Nicky Brooks said:  “We’re in a good, central location.  Our customers are less defined by demographic and more by attitude.  Young, old, tourinsts, local – they just appreciate the aesthetics and the individuality of an item made by a talented, local artist, not to mention the sense of humour and quirkiness of what we sell.”

“We make a point of attending as many degree shows at art schools and colleges around Scotland but we also work with people who have no qualifications but great talent.”

“Many artists have to find another job to pay the bils while they develop their creativity.  By making one line of items for us, that can become their “second” job.  And our new online shop gives them wide exposure”.

The gallery also hosts occasional exhibitions by students of fine art, illustration or graphic design.

Coming up this Month : Edinburgh College of Art. 3rd Year  Student Exhibition “Look What I Saw In Edinburgh” opeing March 25, more information on the Red Door Gallery Blog soon!

Huge thanks to Helen Martin for writing this ” State of Independents ” piece, just in time for Mother’s day!  If you are looking for gift ideas, have a peep here.


State of Independents

Friday, 6 March 2015

FridayFavourites - Kate Sheridan Geo Palm Collection


Spring is most definitely in the air, with the arrival of Kate Sheridan’s new Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

We love this time of year when all the new season collections are released; it makes it feel like it’s almost time to escape from that winter cocoon!

We know you’ll be just as excited as we are over her beautiful Geo Palm collection; we just had to share it with you all in this weeks #fridayfavourites.

Even the name Geo Palm evokes days in the sunshine strolling along the beach front. Kate Sheridan’s new collection is the perfect mix of styles; she has something for everyone.

This colletion is made from polyester which is digitally printed with a striking geometric design; in a range of orange and blues with either black italian leather straps or soft cream leather accents and straps. Both options work beautifully with Kate’s unique geometric print.

The biggest bag in her range is The Giga Tote Bag a stylish carry all bag. Perfect for a weekend away, trips to the gym and picnics in the park. It’s a pretty roomy bag with the option to fold in the corners when you have a smaller load. It also features a large pocket inside for essentials like keys,wallet and phone. We’re all lusting after this bag for our summer holidays this year!

The Geo Palm Bag  Simple and functional best describes this bag. It features a fold over flap which fastens with a black leather strap. This bag is completed with a grey cotton lining and an extra compartment for easy storage.

Geo Palm Bucket Bag Cute and Roomy!! How perfect could a bag be? The bucket bag is great for your daily essentials, with a large 5 cm depth; it can fit everything you need. The extendable and detachable cream leather straps gives lots carrying options with this little bag.

Geo Palm Clutch – The perfect stylish clutch for a night on the town or equally double as a small tech case. It also has the added bonus of an interior pocket to hold smaller items; A functional and practical clutch bag.

Geo Palm iPhone Pouch – The perfect pouch for you iPhone. We’ve got our eye on it for the coming festival season due to it’s practical long strap so that you can wear it round your neck! The perfect hands free case!

This is just some of the beautiful items from Kate Sheridan’s new S/S 15 collection, we have a range of purses also in the GeoPalm Collection.

Geo PalmTri Popper Purse by Kate SheridanThe full Geo Palm collection is online now with another exciting range coming very soon from Kate. Those that have made it in to the gallery may have already caught a glimpse.

If you’re still lusting after last seasons collection we have a few wee pieces left; that are now on sale. Grab them before they’re gone!

Happy Friday everyone!


FridayFavourites - Kate Sheridan Geo Palm Collection

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

#Competition Winners!

andrew-tong-no1-21-10-14-sq Something Red Competition Winner of a £25 gift voucher for The Red Door Gallery. Well done Andrew Tong!

We have had a great and difficult job choosing the winner today, but here it is, a photograph of Port Of Leith Edinburgh, by Andrew Tong!

We think you will agree the composition and quality of this image is very impressive, finding beauty in an unconventional location and giving us plenty to think about too.

Andrew is the lucky winner of a £25 voucher to spend in The Red Door Gallery!

red-house- nasrah-omar-no3-03-10-14First Runner up and a 15% discount coupon goes to Nasrah Omar, for her beautiful composition of a  Red house front… and cat!LilianLee03-02-15

Lilian Lee is our second runner up for this amazing photograph of some jellyfish, such a vibrant red!  A 15% discount voucher is on it’s way to you too.

nadine-hess-no3-22-09-14-Third Runner up is Nadine Hess for this more romantic use of Red, which really taps into our Summer cravings!  A 15% discount voucher is heading your way also.


While we would love to show case every entry, we recieved far too many to post them all here in one go.  Over the next few weeks we will share a some on Facebook and Twitter, so keep a look out there.  Noteable mentions have to go to Boo Patterson for her amazing Red Door, truely one for us at The Red Door Gallery!  Also to Jenny Hotsma whose toadsools are worth careful inspection!Jeny Hotsma redmushrooms - 01-03-15A sincere and huge thanks to everyone who entered.  We have really enjoyed seening the entries come piling in and the touching glimpses into your life, humour and adventures.  We are so glad that you share our love of all things Red!

#Competition Winners!