Wednesday, 30 March 2011

French & English Confectioner's

A very talented group of ladies I know run a 'travelling boutique' in London named 'Swanfield on Tour'. They pop up at various locations, hold events and sell the creations of a select cluster of artists and designers.  Last year, whilst visiting a Swanfield location in Soho, I was introduced to the design label French & English Confectioner's.
Established in 2007 and created by Lucie Gonnard, French & English Confectioner's aim is 'to create a range of simple, classic luxury leather goods'. Each product is expertly handmade to order by Lucie in her workshop.
The Red Door Gallery now offers a selection of Lucie's purses and satchels. The purses are available in  the cream or black patent leather or the natural leather (£15.00 each). The satchel comes in either the Classic or Scalloped design (£65.00 each). The Classic can be purchased in black, cream or grey patent leather and the Scalloped in cream or grey. The leather is unbelievably soft and the designs are perfect in their simplicity. I am currently on my second day faced with the dilemma of which colour to go for! It's a tough life. 

P.S A little birdy told me that the Swanfield ladies might be flying in the direction of The Red Door in the not too distant future. Watch this little space...

Post by Rachel.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Man of the Moment : HOLLIS BROWN THORNTON. (USA, b.1976) 

I could spend hours and possibly even days looking at this artist's work. 
You can see more either HERE or HERE.

'Dealing with themes of memory and perception, Thornton uses modern cultural artifacts ranging from family photos to pop culture imagery in order to illustrate the modern relevance of these things from the past. In the acrylic paintings, pigment transfers, and marker drawings, the use of erase face, limbo lines, outdated media, and wallpaper patterns all play key roles in uniting the fleeting present to a lingering past. Thornton currently works in a warehouse studio in Aiken, South Carolina'.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Postcards From London

Last week I enjoyed some sunny days strolling around the streets of the English Capital. Here are a few snapshots from my trip...

Exploring the streets surrounding Borough Market. After graduating I spent a summer working for The Southwark Film Office. I have always loved this area of London, good memories came flooding back.

I sat and drank coffee at The Curzon, Soho. Perfect spot for a good bit of people watching. I think Soho is a very special place.


The best exhibition I have been to in a long time - 'Pioneers of the Downtown Scene' New York, 1970s. The Barbican Art Gallery. On Until 22nd May 2011. Go see!

Postcards purchased at The Tate Modern - (clockwise from top - 1.Gerda Steiner & Jorg Lenzlinger 'Das vegetative Nervensystem', 2006; 2. Wolfgang Tillmans 'Rosen' 1994; 3.Kiki Smith 'Pool of Tears 2, 2000).

Colourful balloons at my friend Eilidh's house. Eilidh Greig is an exceptionally talented stylist and now works as Junior Fashion Editor at GQ Style. Oh the glamour. Exciting times!

I went to see 'The Umbrellas of Cherbourg' at The Gielgud Theatre. I absolutely loved the set design and all the wonderful little props.

A very delicious lunch at Pattisserie Deux Amis, before a trip to the 'DIRT' Exhibition at The Wellcome Collection.

I went to visit my lovely friend Emma Newton at the stall she runs at Spitalfield's Thursday Antiques Market. She very kindly gave me these beautiful coasters that she transformed into hanging ornaments. I purchased the ribbon from VV Rouleaux. I am still mourning the loss of their Glasgow store, so I had to take a trip to Marylebone Lane. A girl simply can't own too much ribbon.

" When a man is tired on London, he is tired of life". Samuel Johnson.

Post by Rachel.


Friday, 25 March 2011

One for a wish...

You know how to wish... don't you?  
You just put your lips together and blow the dandelion seeds away.
Sunlight on Closed Lids, Limited Edition Print exclusive to The Red Door Gallery £25

Two for a kiss...

Alex Holder's paintings reproduce the dated cover's of Mills and Boon Books
Created as part of the W Project for International Women's Day

Three for a Letter...

Pick a letter and find the animal in this spring bright Ink + Wit Poster
£36 through The Red Door Gallery,  please email me for more information

Four for something better...

Art rocker's weekly 10 song spottify play list will rev up your Friday Feeling
FOUND 10 for Artrocker is coming soon, a little bird tells me it features The Anthem by Onra

Five for a disappointment...

Ordinary Sadness, screen-printed, Ltd Edition Apron by Third Drawer Down 
£30 through The Red Door Gallery

Well, I'm wishing big today... for the sunlight to stay for the Weekend!  The only disappointment so far has to be the usual dose of Hay-fever that this fantastic sunny weather brings with it.  One of our lovely customer's counted out my sneezing fit today with the saying which has inspired this blog post, maybe not such a disappointment after all...
...unless I've got a cold.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Little Women, 1949

Andy Warhol, Men In Her Life, 1962, Silkscreen, pencil & paper

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, 1958

Cleopatra, 1963

The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, Est 1985
in memory of friend Rock Hudson, co-star Giant, 1956

2011 Oscars
Elizabeth Taylor - Golden Age Movie Star, Legend & Fashion Icon died today

Monday, 21 March 2011

Off to catch the train!
Thank you for all the great recommendations.
I'll leave you with a bit of Lee Hazlewood.
See you next week.


Sunday, 20 March 2011

Today sees the return of the sell-out World Kitchen art and foodies event to Out of the Blue's Drill Hall Cafe on Dalmeany Street, just off Leith Walk.  This Multi-Cultural Sunday Brunch celebrates the diversity of talents, tastes and styles found in the Leith area.  For just £4.50 you can choose your food from a wealth of dishes all selected and made by the local community. 

The event was already underway and when I left this morning and it was thriving with mouth watering wafts of food from the kitchen, up-beat live music, and a thoughtfully composed exhibition of artworks which will remain on show until Wednesday this week.  For today only, a crafters stall houses jewellery, collage, home-wares and art works, the origins of which demonstrates the close ties Scotland's population has with international communities.

If you're lucky enough to have already booked a ticket for this event you're in for a treat, if not, then keep your eyes here for the next event.  The quality of food, artworks, very reasonable pricing and warm, welcoming company are reason enough to join in.  The knowledge that proceeds from the event support Multi-Cultural Family Base and their work with young people, makes for an exceptional afternoon's entertainment with a heartfelt bonus.

London Calling...
After three busy months getting settled in at Red Door Central, I decided it was time to take a little break. Next week from Monday to Friday I will be darn sarf treading the streets of London Town. Before packing my bags and moving to Scotland, I used to live in the Big Smoke, I will therefore be catching up with some friendly faces and visiting a few old haunts.
I do like a good recommendation. The lovely Miss Verity Keniger has suggested that I add the Watercolour Exhibition at Tate Britain to my list of activities. What would you recommend? I absolutely love visiting new places, have you discovered any little gems recently? Please help me fill up my trip! You can either comment here on the blog or drop me an email -
I look forward to reading your suggestions. Thank you.x

Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Tribute To The Triangle...
We received the SS11 Kate Sheridan Collection last week. It is an exciting mix of bold, geometric prints and rich, earthy colours. Our shop selection includes make up bags, a variety of purses, box bags, brogue totes and the evening bag. The collection will also be available shortly in our online shop. For any enquiries please do not hesitate to email us - or give us a bell on 0131 477 3255. 

My triangular tribute includes - 
The Tobacco and Teal Box Bag - £65
'Triangle Prayer' by Nicole Docimo - found here.
The Peach Leather Clip Purse - £22
'Howling Wolf' by Stephanie Webb - £12 at The Red Door
Sand and Black Waxed Brogue Tote - £88
'Glass Castle' by Nicole Docimo - found here.
Black and Peach Makeup Bag - £12

She's A Rainbow...

The sun is shining and the lovely Kirsty Baynham has very kindly splashed bright and beautiful colours all over The Red Door Gallery. 'Felt Tip Butterflies', 'Cloud Mobile' and 'I Heart Russian Warships' are some of the imaginative titles given to Kirsty's Giclee Prints. We have a selection of six prints in store with prices ranging from £10 - £25. Each colouful design is carefully printed by Kirsty herself on her very own Giclee Printer.
If, like me, these illustrations are right up your sunny street, we also have greeting cards (£2.50 each), postcard sets (£3.50) and adorable mini card sets (£4.50) available for your delectation.  

Colours Everywhere!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

This is Martin. He is a Golden Sun Bear. He is from Royal Oak, Michigan. 
After a grueling and intense series of interviews, Martin beat fierce competition to become the new member of The Red Door team. I am yet to meet Martin in person, his interview was carried out over Skype (how very modern of us!) Martin arrives at The Red Door next week, we are very excited to welcome him to our team!
I am hoping that, as a Sun Bear, Martin will bring a little sunshine with him. However, I am a little concerned that it may take him some time to adjust to the inclement Edinburgh weather. If you would like to make Martin a 'Welcome Scarf' that would be very much appreciated. He is 5 inches tall. Please send your scarf to - Martin @ The Red Door Gallery, 42 Victoria Street, Edinburgh. EH1 2JW or come and meet the wee chap and deliver it in person. All scarves will be modeled by Martin here on The Red Door blog.
If you would like to adopt one of Martin's friends you can find them at one of my very favourite Etsy shops - Every Eskimo. Many thanks go to Regina.x