Saturday, 24 September 2011

Can you believe Amelie is ten years old?  Not a wrinkle in sight! 

Here's a bit of good news for any of you secret skimmers out there, this Sunday the Scottish island of Easdale is transforming into the competition field for The World Stone Skimming Competition. This is the perfect excuse to visit the smallest of the inhabited islandes of the Inner Hebradies and make the most of the natural abundance of  slate stones. We are not entirely sure if the rules allow entrants to collage their stones as Amelie would have, but the picturesque surroundings, lack of qualifying requirements and welcoming comunity should make for a truely pleasurable experience.  Plus, you might just win and the word on the web is... trophies!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Well if you fancy another slice of vintage pizza pie AND your in East London, we'd heartily reccomend hot footing it to 202 Brick Lane AKA Super Pizza (the name kinda gives the game away, huh) where you can grab a booth, slice and beverage in charming surroundings.  Have a peep at the supa-snaps below and don't be fooled by the signage!  If your not in East London, just day dream along with us Red Door-ettes....

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Post-it wars: Mad Men

Post-it wars: Apple logo

Post-it wars: Ghostbusters

Iconic art works are sweeping through France at the moment, popping up in computer laden office blocks.  These window based, pix-elated images are created using little more that ubiquitous stationary cupboard staple - the post it.  The designers are growing in confidence and competing to out do their neighbors, could this be the beginnings of the Post-I.T. wars?  The Guardian has a great feature on them.  Feeling inspired yet?  If you fancy creating your own sticky-fit form, send us a snap and we'll post it up here to keep track of this illustration war on Tera.  Byte me.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Any of you Scotts ever been tempted by the golden pavements of The Big Smoke?  Here are a video's showing what just might happen, you know?! Both these gems are directed by the quite frankly fantastic Ninnian Doff and there are plenty more where these came from...

The  first features the emerging talents of musician Martin Brooks (catch an interview in next issue of Acoustic Magazine), and the second is a doccmentry on the new hipster trend of Smoga... gotta love those Scotts Lads in London.

Monday, 5 September 2011

We have had a roaring Edinburgh Festival over the last month, and as it draws to a close with the traditional fireworks display last weekend, we will be especially sad to see Astrid Jaekel's beautiful paper cut out installation come down.  It has really brightened up the disused India Buildings at the top of our bustling Victoria Street, and we hope someone moves in quickly to bring life back to the elegant facade.

Astrid's installation is titled The Curtain Twitchers and features portraits of some of our Senior Citizens peeping out onto the chaotic festival streets.  These pieces are entirely hand cut, with tissue paper added for colour.  Astrid also created some smaller versions which have been featured in our windows over the last month.  A kind of little sister series which are plain black cutouts designed to have any colour slipped in behind.  These beautiful, original artworks are just £55 and will available through The Red Door Gallery online and in our Bricks and Mortar Shop.  There is a post card pack of the series, if you fancy something a little smaller for just £5.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

It's time to say a fond farewell to our Circus, as tonight we are performers are moving on and packing up our window display.  A huge thank you to Seymour, Lovely Pigeon, Astrid Jaekel for all their hard work.  Here's a wee reminder that you can pick up your very own Lovely Pigeon cut, make and play circus kit online for £10.  Along side Seymour's Highland Games poster for £20 and Astrid Jaekel's Curtain Twitcher's post card pack's for £5.

Our next window display will be The Study Rooms... more information over the next few days!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hannah Waldron has been a busy lass, this is an installation of her San Gimignano wallpaper design which is now installed in the new Pizza Express branch at Brent Cross, London.  Hannah has created a site specific design for this location, as well as a panel for a glass partition.  It will be added to the very top of the ever growing list of reasons to visit the big smoke in the coming weeks! 

If you'd like a little bit of the same effect for your own Kitchen, we have this beautiful Window poster available for a mere £20.  It has Hannah's distinctive mark making and at approximately A1 size it  certainly creates an atmosphere.

Hannah Waldron is a freelance illustrator and printmaker / designer.  Having studied at Brighton University, Hannah was awarded the Gerald Dennis prize for Printmaking.  Her projects and commissions range hugely in their final outcome, from print to woven textiles installations and we just can't wait to see what she does next!