Friday, 21 November 2014

New Tom Pigeon Jewels

tompigeonThe Lovely Pigeon that we all know and love here in the gallery has had an re-brand and is now Tom Pigeon. Beautiful geometric jewellery, prints and stationary continue with a few added extras all with the same attention to detail and style we love them for. We’ve been lucky to have the lovely Kirsty of Tom Pigeon make our windows look beautiful for Christmas, with lots of pieces from their new collection.

A bit of a sucker for anything geometric, We’re quite big fans of their collection. This weeks jewellery blog is dedicated to all things Tom Pigeon. Today we are featuring some old favourites and new.

The piece we’re most excited to share with you is their new Totem Necklace. We’ve all been lusting after it over on Instagram as bit by bit the Tom Pigeon camp have been sharing little glimpses of what was to come!! It was definitely worth the wait and we’ve all been coveting the beautiful piece as soon as it landed in the gallery.

A stunning mixed media piece made from, Brass , Durat, Acrylic and Wood . Totem is a collaboration with the Finnish materials manufacturer Durat and is a playful take on Postmodernism. It will be available on our website from this weekend or pop in to the gallery on Victoria Street to see this beauty up close.



The first of Tom Pigeons metal/formica collection and still one of the favourites with staff and customers alike are the Copper and Mint Tri Earrings and Copper Bar Necklace. We love the mix of copper and mint in this collection.


Then came the welcomed addition of the Brass collection. Available in the same styles as the copper but now pairing brass with Bright Coral, Bright Yellow and Soft Grey Formica.


The Fraction collection took it to the next level with bold hexagonal and triangle brooches and earrings with brass and copper triangle accents. The brooches look great on their own or as a cluster together.


Another new range under Tom Pigeon is their Grid Collection, with styles for both men and women. Necklaces, Earrings, Cufflinks and Tie Pins. Made from Solid Copper, Silver and Brass.  Here’s a little insight in to the collection from the creators.

‘The Grid collection is a graphic jewellery collection inspired by the Italian radical design group Superstudio, our love of graph paper and a little bit of Studio 54 glamour’.

Copper Rectangle Grid Earrings

With so many beautiful pieces to choose from. We all want one of each!

Keep your eye on the blog for pictures and info on their window installation.


New Tom Pigeon Jewels

Friday, 7 November 2014

#FridayFavourites - New Arrivals

FridayFavouritesWe’re not quite sure where this year has gone, November already, it’s passed us in a flash!

We’ve got Christmas on the mind and lots of new arrivals to share with you. It’s time to get writing those Christmas lists in the hope that special someone might get you just what you’re after.

I’m sure some of these #friday favourites – New Arrivals might just take your fancy!

We’re pleased to share with you the news that Susie Wright has produced a 2nd edition of her popular Mineral Stag screen print. Now in a slightly different colour range with some lovely new colouring and touches.


New Screen Prints have just arrived from Graham Carter,  His alphabet of animals have beautiful pattern detail within each print. His attention to detail is second to none with such a difficult printing process. In stock we have F for Fox, S for Swan, B for Bee, G for Grizzly Bear and C for Caiman.

(F)ox (Arctic)-WEB

A fun range of books have arrived from Mibo. a great book to teach kids all about the wild life of different regions. Featuring a set of cut out and make animals to acompany each book. Here we’ve featured The Polar Pack. Safari Set and Jungle Crew complete the collection.


Lindsey Browns range of Cats are attracting lots of attention in the gallery. Our favourite has to be the fluffy Mainecoon that we’ve featured. He’s not alone and has five other friends to accompany him. If you haven’t read it already we featured them all earlier in the week on the blog. You can read it here. Lindsey also has a range of Notebooks too. The Pharoah Owl is our personal favourite.

Maine Coon

The popular pouches from Pleased To Meet are back with a few new designs. The Smoking Bear is the most recent addition. He’s quite an interesting character and available as a print too.

Smoking Bear Pouch


Last but not least is this beautiful new Notebook from Kirsty Baynham. Kirsty combines intricate geometrics with woodland animals to create her unique range of prints and accessories.  The devil is in the detail.

We hope this has given you some food for thought. Do check out our website and stop by the gallery for lots more new and exciting products.

#FridayFavourites - New Arrivals

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Cats Eyes On You!

We do love our feline friends here in the gallery so were super excited when Lindsey Brown created a range of Cat Prints for her exhibiton with us. With six different beautiful cat’s to choose from, Lindsey has really made our decision difficult.

They are digital prints of Lindsey’s original drawings with beautiful detailed hand painted eyes and noses.  Choosing to highlight the cats most distictive features.

They look great as a collection, in pairs or choose the closest match to your cute kitty at home.

The fluffy Maincoon is closest to my cat at home.  This little cat or not so little, as they are one of the largest breeds of domestic cat. The largest recorded cat making the Guinness Book of Records at 48.5″ Long. It’s also one of the oldest breeds in North America and is the official state cat of it’s native Maine.

Maine Coon

Another Favourite is the British Short Hair.Lindsey has managed to capture it’s plush grey fur and soft round face perfectly. They are one of the most ancient breeds known and are the pedigree version of the domestic cat. One of the most familiar colours of this breed is the British Blue. Not actually blue but a beautiful grey colour.

Brittish Shorthair

With such a striking and interesting face it’s no surprising that Lindsey chose to include the Oriental Cat in her collection. Lindsey has captured the Oriental Cat breed’s characteristic almond-shaped eyes, triangular head shape and large ears in this wide-eyed cat portrait.  The Oriental cats are said to be social, intelligent, and many are rather vocal!


The Silver Tabby is a  domestic cat featuring distinctive stripes, dots, lines or swirling patterns, usually together with a mark resembling an M on its forehead. Lindsey has perfectly captured the distinctive M on the forehead of her Silver Tabby Cat. The Tabby is also known as the Grey Tiger and is said to have decended from the African Wild Cat.

Silver Tabby

Lindsey’s Persian Cat has the characteristic round race and short muzzle the breed is known for. A popular cat for showing with their long flowing coat and distinctive blue eyes. They are also know for their peaceful nature, making them the perfect house cat.


Lastly in Lindsey’s collection of cat’s is the Korat. An unusual breed originating from Thailand and one of the most ancient natural breeds. Lindsey has captured the Korats large oversize illuminous eyes and heart shaped face. They are known to be intelligent, lively and a playful breed.


I’m sure you will agree this is a beautiful collection of our feline friends.

Lindsey’s exhibition is on until mid November. Come along to see her stunning collection or Cats, Owls and Birds of Prey.

If you can’t make it along to the gallery then all of Lindsey’s work is available to view and purchase here.

Cats Eyes On You!