Friday, 29 July 2011

It's our most fabulous sale yet: Maptotes!
Have you ever wanted to go to Nantucket or Barcelona but just haven't found the time? Now you can proudly display your imaginary journey to these places while also saving the planet and whales. Maptotes are a handy friend of the environment. We have marked them down from £25 to just £18.

Stop on in The Red Door Gallery and leave like you've just been to New York City, London, Paris, San Francisco and/or many other terrific places!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Who doesn't love smiling and laughing fruit? Now you can have the happiest fruit around as part of your earring collection thanks to the work of Emma Ferguson, also known as "I Like Birds." We received these earrings about a month ago and they have been a customer favourite. You can also view some of the other new earrings we received from Emma via the link above.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

 Just checking in with Lesley Barnes so we can top up her range of beautiful, screenprinted leather book marks and this mesmorising video project popped on the screen!  Lesley has animated Belle and Sebastian's toe tapping tune I Didn't See It Coming... we'll let you know when her work arrives back in The Red Door Gallery.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Edinburgh and we hope it is just as sunny wherever you are! Today is one of those days to grab an ice cream or coffee (or both) and head down to your favourite sunny (buy shady) spot. On your way, grab a magazine like Oh Comely, to get inspired for your own creative projects.
We have been selling Oh Comely for a few months now and it has been a real hit with our customers. It’s really different from other magazines as “It's a magazine that inspires people to be creative, talk to their neighbours and explore new things, rather than buy stuff or lose weight.”
If your in the neighbourhood, drop on by The Red Door Gallery to pick up a copy. We have the latest issue and you can stop by our favourite juice bar, Hula, on your way to the Meadows.

Have a great day!

Friday, 22 July 2011

A lovely pile of post cards just rattled through our mail box, here at The Red Door Gallery, advertising the next exhibition at one of our favorite lunch spots - The Broughton Deli.  We hear tales of over 25 artists contributing to an exhibition which displays works of all shapes and sizes inspired by Edinburgh.  Each piece relates directly back to a location and these hot spots have been printed up as a walking guide to the cities lesser know points of inspiration.  Look out for these maps in the gallery soon and if you in town we'll see you at the opening this Thursday July 28 from 7.30 - 9 pm.  Rumor has it our own  Red Door-ette Kerstin has some new work on show!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Get inspired by the bright and fun shapes of Edinburgh based artist/illustrator
Louise Smurthwaite. Her hand bound notebooks (with assorted paper inside) are perfect for writing lists, deep thoughts, or life's fun observations. Her work is a great colourful pick-me-up for those rainy days (if you live in Edinburgh, this can be roughly everyday at some point)!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Red Door Gallery recently received some new prints by Claire Hartigan. The above images are a sampling of the new prints (the bear print we are selling has a golden heart). We are excited to be offering more than ten pieces of her work. To learn more about Miss Hartigan, log onto her blog.

We are gearing up for the busy festival month of August so make sure to drop by and see all of our new and exciting stock!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Fresh cuppa joe first thing in the morning sets the tone for a great day ahead, and we've had a great day with these new prints from Mengsel and this rather outdated little ditty from Frank Sinatra.  Mengsel is a Dutch Africans word meaning Mixture and comes from the Illustrator Luzell van der Westhuizen mother tongue.  Luzelle has settled in London and has worked worked freelance with great designers like Marc Jacobs.  Her Moka Express screen prints are a favorite here at The Red Door Gallery and always strike a chord with coffee lovers.  We appreciate a bit of art in our coffees and can't wait till tomorrow morning, it might be time to try some milk art in the coffee... perhaps a swan.

From the top:
Moka Express, White on charcoal screenprint
Tiny Retro Robots, White on Black, editioned screenprint, A3, £30
Swans, 2 colour screen print, on white, A3, £40
Moka Express, Denim Blue on White, editioned screenprint, A2, £50

Monday, 11 July 2011

This striking pair just arrived in our mail bag this morning, fresh from Olivia Jeffries new studio.  These A4 prints are taken from original hand drawings which Olivia releases as signed, editioned digital prints.  Her work is always inspired by and sketched upon found papers whose stains, tares and stories can seen through her abstract shapes and text.  Available through The Red Door Gallery online shop or in store for £10 each.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Seymour has been a very busy bee, producing not just one new print, but an entire new print set titled 'Retired Wrestlers'.  Any one who was a fan of WWF will love looking at these prints and pondering over what may have become of the lycra clad heros...

The prints come as a beautifully bound pholio set and we love the texture of these prints - apparently this is due to a mix of the gicclee print technique and the silky recycled paper which sups up the ink (in a more balanced way than mixed synthetic papers) to produce these wealthy tones.  They are approximately A5 in size and are fully archival quality, signed, sealed and even delivered to your door if you would like, through The Red Door Gallery shop.

The pholio of 5 prints will set you back a mere £50, a strikingly reasonable price for such high quality work from one of our favorite and hotly demanded artists.  

Monday, 4 July 2011

Mina Braun's hotly anticipated exhibition A Time To Wonder opened last Thursday and The Red Door Gallery was jumping!  Here are a few snaps of the event, which saw visitor's queuing out the door on one of the sunniest evening's Edinburgh has seen for a long time.

A huge thank you to the very lovely Mina for all her hard work and if your passing by you can have a peep in the windows at her screenprinted Beer Mat Forrest, badges, screenprints and totes.  If your not in town, you'll be happy to hear some photo's of her works will be up here next week and they will be available on our online shop as of Thursday morning...  if anyone is waiting for news of her sell out Forrest tote, Mina is working on a second print run already - phew!