Friday, 24 December 2010

From the festive team at The Red Door, we would like to say a huge thank you for all the support we have had over the last year. We are very lucky to be able to deal with some amazing artists and fantastic customers which make The Red Door exactly what it is. A very Merry Christmas to you all!

A worthy (and tiny ) Christmas protest - from onepointoh

Thursday, 23 December 2010

We hope you are all as excited about Christmas as this DJ is about what he's playing! Hopefully this will put a smile on your faces for the day.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

'Bright' sunlight on closed lids

'Bright' is The Red Door Gallery's winter exhibition showcasing new work from Kate Holliday of sunlight on closed lids.

Bright is a presentation of wall based works expanding on the much-loved sunlight on closed lids greetings card range. Inspired by folk saying that they love the greeting cards so much that they keep them for themselves, it is timely that these characters, patterns and simple sentiments skip off the ephemeral card and find themselves a new home nestled in a wooden frame to be enjoyed season to season, day to day, tick to tock.

These limited edition digital prints are characteristic of sunlight on closed lids illustrative style, blending bold hand-drawn illustration with colourful vintage patterns. A limited edition poster is also on sale alongside greeting cards and stationary. Combining playfulness, primary colours and heartfelt sentiments,          
'Bright' is guaranteed to bring a smile to faces young and old.

Despite a slight delay due to weather, 'Bright' is now on show at The Red Door until 31st January. Come and check it out! 

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Some lovely new prints in from Chase + Wonder. A steal at £60 each! Come and check them out.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Check this video clip - its beautiful!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Decoration'

We love supporting the creations of independent artists and designers and this Christmas is no exception. The festive season is lots of fun at The Red Door, with out customers searching for that something special which they won't find on the high street. We also know that people love a Christmas decoration with a story to adorn their tree and what better decoration to hang than one made with love by hand from an artist!

'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Decoration' is a fun, seasonal project run by the team at The Red Door to bring our customers some independent Christmas cheer. This cheer comes in the form of Christmas decorations handmade by artists which are all for sale.

All the pieces hanging from our tree in the window are for sale from between £1 - £25 and can be bought and taken home today, or any other day till Christmas eve. We are also supporting 'The Sick Kids Friends Foundation' this year by donating 10% of all sales to this very worthy charity which helps the lives of thousand of children and their families each year. Time to come along and pick your decoration today. Merry Christmas

Friday, 10 December 2010

Something for the weekend!

For all those bike fans out there, the Eleanor Grosch 'Free Wheeling' print is back in stock. Its a great £32 and as lovely as ever!

Monday, 6 December 2010

£10 and Under
from left to right, top to bottom: seedbombs £10, 'I Choose You' book £6, matchstick gardens £1.50, A6 notebook £2.50, muddy morning badge £2, Glasgow breakfast tote £6.50, foldable birdhouse £6, mobile kit £8, calender £10, flat pet puppy £10, scissor studs £9, 'weak tea weak mind' mug £10

 £20 and Under
from left to right, top to bottom: miss apple purse £13, geek glasses £18, owl beaker £10, DIY mittens £20, foil teacake shopper £18, A-Z stamps £12, owl shopper £20, hole-on-ex pinhole camera £16, 'water break' print £20, beardy man plate £20, mighty wallet £14, lemons teatowel £10

 £50 and Under
from left to right, top to bottom: 'Girl Eating Rocks' print £22, mini blanket £42, woodland scarf £48, 'Skating' print £50, 'Free-Wheeling' print £32, Meg doll £27, scarf £50, 'Candid Rear View' print £22, winter cushion £45, 'Happy Moment' £28, tinyment £22

Gift guides for those ever important Christmas presents. Stocking fillers, partners, guys, girls, kids - we have presents covered!

 Well, we have just had one of those weeks at The Red Door. Edinburgh is covered in that white stuff called snow, which we have come to love and loathe at this time of year. As usual, no one was prepared, so whilst our city, and most of the country slowed to a sliding halt, we remained and still remain firmly open for business! Our only sad point is that our sunlightonclosedlids show 'Bright' has been postponed to open later this week. Miss Sunlight herself was stuck in snow, so we figured it was best for everyone to reschedule. We hope to be hanging this at the end of this week, so watch out for more info!

In the mean time, whilst the snow continues to fall, you can either brave the conditions and come along for a Monday chat with The Red Door team, or stay warm inside and shop with us online!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

 If you haven't seen this little chappy around yet, then let us introduce you to Jackie Box!  Designed by artist and musician Kevin Sim, this super cute design is the face of The Merriment Makers Pop-Out Christmas Boutique - A fantastic 2 day event featuring works by some of The Red Door Gallery favorites Elsie Dodds, Tommy Perman and Lovely Pigeon.  This is also a chance to meet some new makers on the block, as there are works available form Recent Graduates and even some ECA students!  Open from 10 am till 8.30 pm this is the perfect place to pick up a little something speshial...or invest in a piece of artwork for your home... and it's not to far from us, so on your way here, why not pop into Studio 203 on Edinburgh's Plesance?