Wednesday, 22 December 2010

'Bright' sunlight on closed lids

'Bright' is The Red Door Gallery's winter exhibition showcasing new work from Kate Holliday of sunlight on closed lids.

Bright is a presentation of wall based works expanding on the much-loved sunlight on closed lids greetings card range. Inspired by folk saying that they love the greeting cards so much that they keep them for themselves, it is timely that these characters, patterns and simple sentiments skip off the ephemeral card and find themselves a new home nestled in a wooden frame to be enjoyed season to season, day to day, tick to tock.

These limited edition digital prints are characteristic of sunlight on closed lids illustrative style, blending bold hand-drawn illustration with colourful vintage patterns. A limited edition poster is also on sale alongside greeting cards and stationary. Combining playfulness, primary colours and heartfelt sentiments,          
'Bright' is guaranteed to bring a smile to faces young and old.

Despite a slight delay due to weather, 'Bright' is now on show at The Red Door until 31st January. Come and check it out! 

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