Saturday, 28 May 2011

We are just loving this new video from FOUND by Andy Brown.  The single titled Anti Climb Paint is the second to be released from their current album, Factory Craft.  Now this tune is pretty darn awesome, but the video gives a rather intriguing peep behind the scenes at one of Scotland's largest (and beloved) family bakeries - Fisher & Donaldson.  The talented bakers are working on a secret recipe to release a fully playable chocolate record, yes chocolate!  The earily familiar bakers in the video should ensure the finished 7 inch single is perfectly audible and edible.

Post by Nicky

Friday, 27 May 2011

If you find your feet in the land of West Yorkshire this bank holiday weekend (28th - 30th May) make sure to visit the eagerly anticipated Arts Trail in the World Heritage Village of Saltaire. The three day event is celebrating its fifth year and is showcasing some of Yorkshire’s best creative talent, including innovative textile designer Laura Slater and regular Red Door-ee sunlight on closed lids (both pictured above). Twelve of the historic Saltaire village homes open their doors to the public, whilst playing host to exhibitions by more than 50 artists. Spy more about the event here.

Images top to bottom; Laura Slater - Hand Screen-printed Linen Fabrics, sunlight on closed lids - stationery and prints

Thursday, 26 May 2011

All Shiny and New!
I'm very excited to present a fresh selection of products to The Red Door Gallery. Here is a sneak peek at some of the products now being displayed on our shelves...

Studio Fludd - Hand-painted Wooden Kits (either Magnets or Brooches)
£20 for a set of three or individually priced between £6 - £8. 

Studio Fludd Necklaces. Hand-painted, multi-faceted, wooden crystals.
We now stock six different colours including Merry Cranesbill, Mustard Addicted and Bewitched Tree (great names!) 
Available on adjustable cord - £24 or metal chain - £28. 
Each necklace is beautifully packaged with tie-dye tissue paper and a translucent envelope. 

Sono Design - Triangular Mugs in four colourways. (£10 each).

We now have a selection of four greeting cards in store by the wonderful Marta Munoz. The cards are £2.50 each and the design are magical. 

Please pay us a visit and see these delightful new products for yourself. 
If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us - or 0131 477 3255.

By Rachel.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

One of our favourite artists here at The Red Door Gallery is Tommy Perman, and we love this snap of his print East Claremont Street/Melgund Terrace in its point of origin.  The photo (by AJL Ansell) is part of The Broughton Deli Art's call for submissions for their festival exhibition, titled Edinburgh Mapped.  They are looking for artists who can link their final piece to a point in the city.  These hot spots will be transferred into a printed Map and walking guide of the city's most a-typical highlights.  All selected works will be shown in the bustling Broughton Deli for the duration of the festival.  If you would like to get involved with this project - and we think you should - then please have a peep here for more information or just send an email to
By Nicky.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The London Nobody Knows?  A Scottish stranger had this tucked into his hip pocket whilst wondering the streets of the big smoke.  Turns out he has an eye for design too, have a look at Joe Hearty here.  Another wee trip tip was lining your walls in silver trays, much prettier than mirrors, but might only work if your walls are massive as they were in the delicious Boundary Restaurant.

The Oxo Tower Warf is a great website to have a run around, especially if you're interested in social enterprises and British design.  The Wharf building itself is packed full of fantastic boutiques and studios, hot favourites were aei:kei fashion boutique and Suck UK design.

The most exciting design can always be found in the street.  This graffiti alphabet is a project carried out through London with permission from the shop owners - the letter relates to what goes on behind the awning - like a great big game of guess who.  Seems to hark back to the very first New York street tags.  Anyone with more info, please let us know!

The very lovely Kate Sheridan hosts her own stall in the awesome Spitalfields market, selling her fantastic collection - as we are here.  Alongside some prints from the 1800's which would fit very nicely in The Red Door Gallery, don't you think?

These snaps attempt to portray the truly breath taking and inspirational Sunflower Seeds by Ai Weiwei  as installed at Tate Modern.  Each procalin seed-husk is an individually crafted, mini-painting.  The specialists who made them work in small-scale workshops in the Chinese city of Jingdezhen.  

The sunflower is a motif used in Chinese Portraiture, the Dictator is often said to take the place of the sun and his subjects are represented by the field of sunflowers, that Ai Weiwei focuses upon the seeds speaks volumes.  The scale of the piece is intended to explore the relationship between the individual and a larger population as well as draw attention to the people behind the products 'Made in China'. 

If anything will re-affirm your belief that art has power, then this piece is it.  Ai Weiwei was arrested by the Chinese authorities while trying to board a plane to Hong Kong on April 3 and no explanation or update on his condition or whereabouts was offered until yesterday, when there was an international sigh of relief.  He is officially being held on charges of Tax Evasion, but his dissapearance for almost two months highlights Chinese Human Rights issues.  This exhibit is no longer on show, if you would like to hear more or offer your support, please visit The Tate or The Guardian.

By Nicky

Monday, 16 May 2011

Anyone read The List yet this month?  Not only is it looking sharp, but their content's pretty darn compelling too - and not just because The Red Door Gallery gets a mention for stocking Susie Maroon's Respectable Spectacle cases in Claire Sawers' run down of summer's sherbet shades.  (£15 in store or send me a wee email  We all know the summer spec case is as important as the frames themselves - especially with our sun / rain ratio!

The List Eating & Drinking Guide, AKA the who's who of food in Edinburgh and Glasgow is also included in this month's bumper issue.  Some hot faves are The Broughton Deli, Edinburgh and Stravaigin, Glasgow - which has been dolled up recently with the addition of an extra room continuing the eclectic, shabby chic decor.  The menu is a delight with adventurous, experimental dishes made with local ingredients (including Scottish seaweed!) and all at a refreshingly affordable price.

By Nicky

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Recognise this handy work?  An interesting series of past ups in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh.
By Nicky.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

As car adverts go this one is certainly raising smiles and causing giggles here at The Red Door. Happy Thursday. May the force be with you and yours today.....

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A Little Italian Holiday - Martino Style!

So, I tried to spend my days in Italy visiting the more unusual sights, the independent shops, the restaurants the locals might enjoy. Martin, on the other hand, was your typical tourist! When he wasn't working on his 'Golden' fur, he was out and about being photographed in front of Naked David. Looks like the Lil' Bear had a whole lot of espresso-fuelled fun...

A Little Italian Holiday.

Hey Folks! Sorry for the lack of blog activity. I have just returned from a weeks holiday and Nicky and Viv have been busy bees in my absence. Italy was simply delightful. I spent three days in Florence and then journeyed down into the Tuscan countryside to stay at my friend Fiona's Guest House. Here are a few snapshots from my travels...

 My souvenirs were purchased from 'Le 18 Lune', a little shop that reminded me of The Red Door, 'Boutique Nadine', a stunning new store with two locations (Via de'Benci 32r and Lungarno Acciaiuoli 22r) and from the Flea Market in Piazza d'Ciompi.
Fiona and Simone's Guest House and Outdoor Activity Company can be found HERE. It is in the most beautiful location imaginable and I can not recommend it more highly.