Monday, 16 May 2011

Anyone read The List yet this month?  Not only is it looking sharp, but their content's pretty darn compelling too - and not just because The Red Door Gallery gets a mention for stocking Susie Maroon's Respectable Spectacle cases in Claire Sawers' run down of summer's sherbet shades.  (£15 in store or send me a wee email  We all know the summer spec case is as important as the frames themselves - especially with our sun / rain ratio!

The List Eating & Drinking Guide, AKA the who's who of food in Edinburgh and Glasgow is also included in this month's bumper issue.  Some hot faves are The Broughton Deli, Edinburgh and Stravaigin, Glasgow - which has been dolled up recently with the addition of an extra room continuing the eclectic, shabby chic decor.  The menu is a delight with adventurous, experimental dishes made with local ingredients (including Scottish seaweed!) and all at a refreshingly affordable price.

By Nicky

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