Saturday, 31 October 2015

Friday Favourites - Fancy Dress inspo to make you Smile

andsmileHalloween is finally upon us. The queues down Victoria Street for the joke shop are a clear sign that Edinburgh is getting in to the spirit of things.

Frida Print

If you’re stumped for ideas then the fun collection of Icon Prints and Brooches by And Smile is sure to give you lots of Inspiration.

steve zissou - A4 - detail

All Brooches are £8 and A4 Digital Prints all £12. This is just a snap shot of the large collection we have. See Them All Here.

Hockney Brooch

Happy Halloween!

Friday Favourites - Fancy Dress inspo to make you Smile

Friday, 23 October 2015

FridayFavourites - Haunting Animals

HauntingAnimalsHalloween ’tis but a week away.

By now we hope you’ve all got your costume plans in the pipeline. We do love a little bit of dress up in the gallery and I’d happily turn anyone or anything within arms length in to a Zombie!


Some scary zombie jars for our halloween window

We’ve gone for a more cute and maybe slightly sinister edge with this weeks Animal themed #fridayfavourites. There can sometimes be something a little bit haunting about animals and their piercing and scary looking eyes.


Foxes and Wolves are known for their scary eyes and creeping around in the dark. A regular feature in horror movies they can be a great source of inspiration for halloween costumes and seem to inspire our artists in the gallery year round. We have many a fox and wolf themed goody for you to choose from.

Fox cushionscaled

Zixiao Chang’s work is inspired by the animal kingdom with a selection of homewares and fashion accessories featuring some of her favourite animals with lots of colourful geometric details.


Fox And Moon by Emily Mackenzie is the perfect night time scene of a fox creeping around under the moonlight. A stunning mix of bright colours shot against a dark background.

Lunar Wolf Main

New A4 size prints of Peter Carringtons popular collection have arrived. Peter hope to make the viewer ‘question if his work is images of science, nature, mystical or the occult.’

Black Cat ClockWe were super excited when the lovely Jo of Hello Sunshine added a range of beautiful laser cut clocks to her already successful collection of acrylic jewellery. Black Cats are great inspiration for the haunting hour. The trusty side kick to scary witches and magical in their own right. You never can tell what a cat is thinking!

Hello Sunshine LittleBlackCat range

Seen as both Good and Bad Omens! What sort of Black Cat will you be this Halloween?

Woodland Animal Masks 1

Take your pick of the forest with this fun collection of masks from Clockwork Soldier. Perfect for both Adults and Children a like. Grab a group of friends and head out Trick or Treating as a woodland posse.

Western European fetish II (bowtie, good condition minus tail, sparrow feet, glass sprigs) print by Kirsty Whiten

The centre piece of this weeks #fridayfavourites is a piece from Kirsty Whiten’s new collection. Whiten strives to create frank images, which break down the social constructs of our behaviour.  This print in particular, aims to make the viewer aware of the sexuality, control and neuroses underneath appearance, this should make you feel a little uncomfortable, and is a brilliant piece to spark conversation, questions and debate.

Western European Fetish I (unicorn with some discolouration, finch bone, barn nails) by Kirsty Whiten

Western European Fetish I (unicorn with some discolouration, finch bone, barn nails) is the full title of this print, Limited Edition Giclee Print.

We hope you’ve found this weeks #fridayfavourites inspiring.

Happy weekend! :)


FridayFavourites - Haunting Animals

Friday, 16 October 2015

Friday Favourites - You"re My Hero

superheroAs the chill sets into October we’re getting ready for the scary month of the year with Halloween in the not too distant future.

We’ve prepped our windows with lots of goulish treats and had lots of fun with liquid latex and fake eye balls from local joke shop Aha Ha Ha!  We’ll pop some snaps here soon for those that can’t make it to the gallery.

Super Hero Costume Kit 1

Our minds have now switched to costumes and what might be the popular fancy dress this year. The new work from Clockwork Soldier has arrived in the nick of time and full of plenty inspiration for both children and adults alike.

If you don’t have time for a full on costume then the above superhero kit is the perfect pick me up for time starved trick or treaters!  You could almost pass for Tony Stark….well kind of.


You could even create a comic all about your Superhero Adventures from the evening with this cool kit.

Comic Book

Or how about an international woman/man of mystery? This Spy Kit will get your ready to be a convincing spy round the punch cauldron at the halloween party.Secret Spy Academy 1

Why not take some notes from the original 60’s man from U.N.C.L.E American Tv Series


Or take yourself off to the cinema to see re-make.

We have lots of prints inspired by superheroes.


Popular favourite is Superhero Bunny! by HAM. Look at him fly……..

Su-Bear Hero

You’re My Hero by Mister Peebles. That would be some fancy dress, a bear then dressed as a Superhero. Sure to get you some brownie point and also extremely hot in all that get up!! :)


Spider-Monkey anyone? We do love an animal dressed as a SuperHero! This little guy by Whoa There Pickle has got us inspired!

taps aff_thumbnail_1

We couldn’t have a #fridayfavourites without everyones favourite scottish crime fighting duo, Batboy and Robbie. and they wouldn’t be Scottish without their ‘Taps Aff’. Bit ‘nippy’ out there for that this week!

On that note…..Have a great weekend!

Friday Favourites - You"re My Hero

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Grassmarket Fun Foodie Day

Pineapple PlacematsFoodie fans are hot footing it to Edinburgh’s Grassmarket this weekend for creative cooking capers involving Crepes, Pizzas and plenty of imagination!

Edinburgh-Restaurant-Festival-Crepe-Art Taking place along side the fabulous weekly Farmer’s Market, The Grassmarket Fun Foodie Day includes a Crepe Art event.  This is your chance to create your own edible art works from humble crepe batter.  Above are a few suggestions of Crepe Art provided by the Grassmarket team.  If you are looking for your own inspiration, pop in to The Red Door Gallery on Victoria Street on your way there.

WinetastingBunnyArtist Jo Robinson of HAM is expert at modifying a silouette to portray an action.  A quick study of her line will help any budding crepe artist.  See her full collection here to investigate how she tweeks her silouettes.

As part of Edinburgh Restaurant Festival, the mouth watering Mamma’s Pizza will also be hosting a Pizza Bar this Saturday in the Grassmarket.  Famalies of all ages are invited to create [and eat!] their own pizza.   Oh we do love a cheesey pizza packed with fresh, seasonal vegetables and maybe a little meatMeat Recpie Notecards by Wit ShopFor fab flavour combinations to feature on your pizza, have a peep at the Wit Shop recipe collection.  Thoughtfully arranged into catagories [including: meat; fish; vegetables and herbs] these recipe cards are a design hybrid where greetings-card meets recipe-card with beautifully presentation.Big Cheese Clock £30   

Big Cheese Clock £30

The Pizza Bar and Crepe Art run from 11.30 – 3.30 pm on Saturday October 10th, look for the cheery yellow and white stripey tents in the Grassmarket.  We will be there with our families as we’ve got to fill ‘The Great Brittish Bake Off’ void with something tasty and this sounds like the perfect foodie treat!  Hope to see you there. SunLetsEat

Grassmarket Fun Foodie Day

Friday, 2 October 2015

Friday Favourites - This little Piggy...


We’ve curated a little collection of our favourite little #pink #pig coloured pieces for your amusement as this weeks #Friday Favourites. There has been a lot of chatter about pigs these past few weeks, can’t imagine why….Limp Savloy by Rich FairheadNew into the online shop this week are Rich Fairhead’s collection of imagined beer brands, we love the hand written fonts and naughty humour of his Mock Bock Beer brand and the greedy little piglet below.greedy piglet by Rich FairheadThe print folio covers a range of sizes, from A5 up to A2 and include a screen print showcasing the whole series for you beer lovers out there.  Click here to see this piece and Rich Fairheads full collection of beer labels.

Dr Dr Everyone Ignores Me screenprint by Andy Smith

Doctor, Doctor! Everyone Ignores me………..Next! Andy Smith has a great range of Screen Printed typographic prints featuring some classic jokes. See his full collection here.

Colour Me Good Harry

Little Harry Styles is in the pink with his very own colouring book by I Love Mel. Get your colouring pens out and help bring some colour back in to Harry’s life.

hearts-pink-coralThe sun might be shining but it’s still a little cold out there. Wrap up warm in this cute mini snood from Kirsteen Stewart.

hearts-model-nude-magentaKristen will donate 15% of the sale from these snoods to Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity. 


Why note complete your in the pink look with either this bright pink geometric bag from Ding Ding or this super cozy beanie hat by Stitch Mi Lane.

web-SmL-Pink cuttout 4

We love this cute little sausage dog print by Freya Cummings.  Who doesn’t love a wee sausage dog? They’re so mini. Available in Bright Pink, Mint and Mustard.


Why not send your favourite piggy loving friend one of these cute cards from Witshops Meat Postcard Collection. Each come with a great recipe to try out.

Meat Recpie Notecards by Wit Shop

Or send that Babe in your life this cute card from Oh MY Gee.


Hope you’ve enjoyed our tongue in cheek pink pig collection this week.

Happy Weekend!

Oink Oink!!

Friday Favourites - This little Piggy...