Tuesday, 18 December 2012

5 Gold (retired wrestler) Rings!

Retired Wrestlers – Vince Vain 
Seymour's Retired Wrestlers - Terry Owlman / Signed Print 
Seymour's Retired Wrestlers - Ulrich Udderton / Signed Print 

So the connection today is the Retired Wrestler's Golden Ring - yippee!  This is a great chance to look through Seymours limited edition collection of prints, if you would like the complete folio, it comes with it's very own gold , die cut band!
Retired Wrestlers 
Individually these prints are £14 each, but if you go for the whole set of 5, they are £50.  Click on over to our website and online shop to learn more about Seymour and his meticulous print work.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

4 Coller Birds

So this is another fabulous moment of pun-age!  Marie-Rose has some super sweet, stylish necklaces which will remind some of the home-sewer's out there of pattern kits from yester-year!  A wearable look-book from the rose-tinted decade's of the 50's, 60's and 70's... and you wear them round your collar... and there's 4 of them... and The Eels song "I Like Birds" explains everything else, except the price which is £18.50 per necklace.  If you would like to see more from this designer or buy one of these gems click here and tap your toes, shop and bop to the music.

3 French Hens...Sophie, Edith & Carolyn...

Bonjour Edith!  Au Revoir Sophie!  Aye Aye Wifie!

A little something sad from the first French Hen - Bonjour Edith!  She is singing about our second French Hen - Sophie and a swift Aye Aye Wifie to our third French Hen - Carolyn Alexander who is living in France, experiencing life as a Weggie turned Frog.  Carolyn as produced this helpful guide for any of you Scots Wifies out there thinking of becoming French Hen's too, and it's a cracker! £10.

Friday, 14 December 2012

2 Titled Doves, not crying like Price's...

Well, it's only day 2 and the connections are getting tenuious already, but any excuse for some Prince in his Prime right?  For anyone looking for this day and ages version of 2 Turtle Doves, we suggest:

Dolly & Dickie earrings!  Plastic palls with silver backs for £10.


Iris & Eddie earnings!  Solid Silver chums, with silver backs for £20.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Partridge and a Wee Tree

Starting to feel a little something festive in the air here at Red Door Towers, not quite sure how we have managed to wait until Dec 1 to crack out the Christmas tunes, but we have many more up stored up to keep your toes tapping over the coming 12 days... unbelievably that is all there is left until Christmas *gulp!* so we will be sending you through some suitable last-minute gifts each and every day until then.

To keep things a little more festive, we will also be including some tunes for you to chair dace your way through, whilst drinking something festive - coffee with holly leaf art / Christmas Tea / Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon / Egg Nog are all acceptable beverages - depending on age / national laws / hour of day - naturally.  This is after all responsible party season.

From the top:
The Partridge Family sing Rock Around The Christmas Tree - love that album cover!
Partidge Screenprinted by Alice Melvin £75
3D Fokd Trees Screenprinted & Handmade by Karoline Rerrie £10-£20

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Patrick Moore on The Big Breakfast

Here at The Red Door Gallery, we were sad to hear that legend Patrick Moore died on December 9th.  A man with abundant passion, enthusiasm, intellect has made his mark on many generations.  We love his attachment to his cat, his 1908 Woodstock Typewriter, The Sky at Night, and above all his sense of humor. 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Stop Your Messing Around - London Corner Shop Becomes a Musical Instrument!

Best use of Instant Noodles ever! What a great project to work on, certainly makes us want to hot tail it to the corner shop, not sure it's quite the right time of day for a redstripe, but hey, if that's the play button... see video below for the How To:

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Last Date For Picture Framing!

It's Christmas and what would be better than finding your favourite print framed and under the christmas tree? It's definitely top of our wish list!
Tomorrow the 6th December is our last day for Picture Framing, to guarantee it makes it under the Christmas tree in time.
Why not treat that special someone to their favourite print from The Red Door Gallery?

Check out our print selection online and pop in to the gallery tomorrow to guarantee it's framed on time for that special someone.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Calender Crazy!

Just for all you super organized guys and galls - we think we have a calendar here for everyone!  Prices range from £6.50 - £26... check them all out here.