Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Partridge and a Wee Tree

Starting to feel a little something festive in the air here at Red Door Towers, not quite sure how we have managed to wait until Dec 1 to crack out the Christmas tunes, but we have many more up stored up to keep your toes tapping over the coming 12 days... unbelievably that is all there is left until Christmas *gulp!* so we will be sending you through some suitable last-minute gifts each and every day until then.

To keep things a little more festive, we will also be including some tunes for you to chair dace your way through, whilst drinking something festive - coffee with holly leaf art / Christmas Tea / Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon / Egg Nog are all acceptable beverages - depending on age / national laws / hour of day - naturally.  This is after all responsible party season.

From the top:
The Partridge Family sing Rock Around The Christmas Tree - love that album cover!
Partidge Screenprinted by Alice Melvin £75
3D Fokd Trees Screenprinted & Handmade by Karoline Rerrie £10-£20

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