Thursday, 25 November 2010

We are getting really excited about 'bright', a brand spanking new collection of work by Red Door favourite sunlight on closed lids which opens for all to see from next Friday, 3rd December. We are thrilled to be showcasing some limited edition prints and also a super special 'bright' poster, all created with love from Kate and her sunlight on closed lids heart warming style. More information to follow next week. We cant wait!

We got a delightful box from present and correct last week full of some great Christmas stocking musts. We are in love with their new limited edition leather pencil cases (£22 each) and think their Christmas cards will put a smile on everyones faces!

Monday, 22 November 2010

We came so close to not posting today - pretty late for us - the day is almost done!  Just couldn't decide what to put here and then we had a visit from the talented and ever interesting Graffic Traffic with his merry gang of shoppers... problem solved!  Based in Edinburgh, Graffic Traffic is the name Euan Duncan freelances under - when he's not working at Rockstar North that is.  From logos to comprehensive design projects for clients including Aberdeen University and Radio Magnetic we're pretty darn sure you'll recognize his handy work - if you love design, head straight on over to his blog for the Graffic Traffic Report... don't get lost on the way now... its always a winner!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Incase you haven't noticed, we love a good Owl here at The Red Door Gallery and so do the wonderfully talented people at Pirdy... who have just sent through their new Folk Owl Collection... and we are all just coo-coo about them!  At only £12 these lovingly hand-crafted feathered friends are the perfect brooch to brighten up the winter months ahead.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Christmas is all Sewn up with this super swish collection hot off the needle from Susiemaroon - a Homewear label based right here in Auld Richie. The master-maker behind the designs is Susan Brown whose generous spirit and environment-loving heart is poured into each and every one of her insperingly unique and chic pieces. 

These products are a mere needle in the designer Susiemaroon Haystack of goodies, so get your warmest socks on and pop in to see the full range including Phone Cases from £15... the eco-felt and sustaiably sourced leather make Phoning Home from your new age i-phone an experience packed with good old-fashioned manors!  Make sure to bring your own geek glaces in and match them to a thoughtfully Respectable Spectacle Case for £15... if you forget... it's probably cos you lost your place in the diary... so pick up a brilliant Biro Bookmark for £8.

From initial design, to the hand-finished construction process and even in their packaging presentation it is the uncompromising ethics of true style with sincere substance that leaves you with a warm glow and a notch nearer the essence of cool.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Oh, the weather outside may be truly frightful but don't you worry, our mood over here at The Red Door is indeed delightful thanks to our new arrival from sunlightonclosedlids.  These hot-off-the-press tags for your Christmas Prezzies or Birthday Gifts (for the often over looked winter-born troupe) will create the best dressed parcels in town.  We have mixed tag bags for £3 or for a sweet treat, the individual birdy labels are only 50p each... enough to warm the cockles of the coldest day!

Monday, 8 November 2010

The 2011 CIA (Central Illustation Agency) Calendars are here! Measuring 14cm x 14cm and printed with recycled paper, this desk calendar has a new image from a new illustrator for every week of the year. Its an inspiration in itself!

We are still in a very optimistic frame of mind after checking out this years finalists for the 'Positive Posters' project. We love the idea of this project which produces a competition, exhibition and online shop all based around the idea of creating an eye catching positive poster which shares a heart warming message with everyone who comes across it. Each year designers can submit their pieces which get narrowed down to a final 30. Check out this years, some of which are above. They are doing a very good job at cheering us up on a rainy, grey Edinburgh Monday.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Wow, we were blown away when we spied these images of Seymours recent project for Europes biggest Artfair in Koln, Germany. This amazing house stand approx 150cm tall and is all pain stakingly handmade from wood, polymer clay, plastics, resin and paint. And for those wondering, it is for sale. If only our Christmas budget was bigger!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Just in the door and sure to make you smile are Hilary Grant's huggable, loveable Mountains!  You can build your own range on yer bed, sofa or window (like we have!) and feel like a giant.  The Massive Mountain is a snip at £42, Medium Mountain is £19 and you can start your Rockies with a Mini Mountain at just £7.
 Also, from Hillary's magical Wooly imagination comes this super-cosey DIY mittens pack, with fabric, thread and a how-too guide that will have your paws toasty in time for winter. Only £20 for the pack.  There now... got a grin on?  So do we!