Monday, 15 November 2010

Christmas is all Sewn up with this super swish collection hot off the needle from Susiemaroon - a Homewear label based right here in Auld Richie. The master-maker behind the designs is Susan Brown whose generous spirit and environment-loving heart is poured into each and every one of her insperingly unique and chic pieces. 

These products are a mere needle in the designer Susiemaroon Haystack of goodies, so get your warmest socks on and pop in to see the full range including Phone Cases from £15... the eco-felt and sustaiably sourced leather make Phoning Home from your new age i-phone an experience packed with good old-fashioned manors!  Make sure to bring your own geek glaces in and match them to a thoughtfully Respectable Spectacle Case for £15... if you forget... it's probably cos you lost your place in the diary... so pick up a brilliant Biro Bookmark for £8.

From initial design, to the hand-finished construction process and even in their packaging presentation it is the uncompromising ethics of true style with sincere substance that leaves you with a warm glow and a notch nearer the essence of cool.

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