Thursday, 27 July 2017

Stylish Jewellery for All! 💎

Deelyn Beautiful Hand Crafted Silver and Brass Jewellery

Whether you’re looking for bright and bold or looking to invest in some beautiful hand made statement pieces of jewellery. We’ve got something for all budgets and tastes behind our Red Doors. A Rainy has us all wanting an update to our wardrobe as our summer dresses go back in to hiding.

We’re lucky to be surrounded by an array of hand crafted jewellery and here are just some of our favourites.

Entanglement Hoop Earrings by Deelyn.Hoop Earring made from Frosted Finish Beautiful Sterling Silver.

Deelyn hails originally from Portland in the US and now resides in Sunny Liverpool. Her jewellery is a stunning collection made from sterling silver,gold and brass. Her current Entangelment range explores movement and structure using continuous lines & curves to form miniature sculptures that play with space and the wearer.

Intro Convertable Necklace by DeelynThis INTRO Convertible Necklace is one of her stand out pieces. An interactive piece of jewellery that encourages the user to play with length and design to create a piece unique to them. Made from Sterling Silver with an adjustable Frosted Brass Bar.

3D Printed Jewellery by Rentaro Nishimura - Jewellery for the Modern Age.

Jewellery for the Modern Age. This beautiful and unusual necklace by Rentaro Nishimura is entirely 3D Printed.  Using the latest digital technology of 3D printers and laser-cutting; Rentaro’s work bridges the gap between Craft and technology.

3D Printed Jewellery by Rentaro Nishimura - Jewellery for the Modern Age.

Pistol Peach are a design duo from Sheffield. The creative duo integrates the notion of yin yang into the creation of their pieces, marrying organic and emerging materials with traditional craftsmanship and newer technologies. Their beautiful collection of geometric pieces have been firm favourites since they joined us this year.

large shadow studs in brass by pistol makes peach

If Bright, Bold and Cheerful is more your style, You’ll love the effects of Inca Starzinsky’s jewellery. Overlapping layers of colourful perspex that catches light. We’re a sucker for the bright fluro Red!!

Inca Starzinsky Necklace made from Acrylic and Silver at The Red Door Gallery

 The Necklaces from Monstrous Pencil have been dubbed ‘Staff Neckaces’ as we all love them so much. An arrage of beautiful beads, hand made from Polymer Clay. Lots of colours to choose from. Are you a neon Red or a Neon Yellow kinda Gal?

Red Door Gallery - NecklaceLooking for an affordable, quick update for your lapels? Look no further than these lil bargains! Fresh drop from Acorn and Will just in time for the sunshine! At £6 a pop why not stock up?

We have so much more behind our Red Doors, If you’re in town, pop in to see our ever-evolving collection of beautiful jewellery. We’d be happy to help you find something that perfectly matches your mood. 🙂

These little guys have got us in the mood today with the tiny glimpses of beautiful sunshine after all the rainy days 🙂 We hope you guys have managed to enjoy it.

Pistol & Peach Beautiful Hand Crafted Silver and Brass JewelleryPistol & Peach and their beautiful collection


Stylish Jewellery for All! 💎

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Adventure Awaits ⛺️⛰

Adventure Awaits at The Red Door Gallery

Adventure Awaits! Whether you’ve just graduated, schools out for summer, or you’re heading off on a Summer Adventure. We’re sure you can’t wait to head off on weeks of exploring either at home or abroad. Louise Smurthwaites work takes us from the jungle to the Beach! We’re hoping to get some local beach exploring in this summer. 

We’ve got lots of new Adventure Goodies behind our Red Doors, the perfect inspiration for your summer of fun! The lovely Jo from Hello Sunshine knows a thing or two about outdoor adventuring. She’s often posting photos over on Instagram of her amazing camping trips around the UK. Go have a look and be inspired!  You can definitely see her love of The Great Outdoors in her collection. We’re especially in love with the new Pin Collection. Beautiful Enamelled Goodies to adorn your coats and bags.

enamel camper van pin by hello sunshine

We’ve got dreams of owning our own camper van one day, just like the lovely Jo of Hello Sunshine. Her new pins and jewellery are inspired by her lovely Nan’s Campervan and we hope too that we can have one just like it one day. In the mean time we’ll keep our dreams alive in her fun Camper Van Pins. Now available in an array of beautiful colours. What colour would you choose?

Adventure Pin Set, Enamel Cups and Tents by Hello Sunshine

What’s an adventure without a warm brew in an enamel cup and a cute little tent? Keep yourself inspired to get outdoors everyday with this little set. If you need a reminder of what to pack for that yummy breakfast the next day, look no further than these bacon and egg earrings. They’re making us hungry!


If the world was your oyster, where would you go? if you’re looking for an inspiring print then it has to be this little Lizard – Scale Great Heights by Mister Peebles. He’s got us wanting to get out there into the Mountains.

Scale Great Heights

If you like to make sure you include some of the finest local food and drink on your adventures, The Map of Islay will help you seek out all the key distilleries on the island. It sounds just perfect for the Whisky fans amongst us.

Adventure Awaits at The Red Door Gallery

Adventure Awaits round every corner, where will it take you this Summer?

Adventure Awaits at The Red Door GalleryYou can’t beat Tea in a Tin Cup out in the wilderness!Save


Adventure Awaits ⛺️⛰