Tuesday, 27 January 2009

We all love to throw a log onto an open fire (which would be a great idea with the dreadful weather we are having today), but the reality for many of us is that our fireplaces are boarded up no longer able to be used, or we simply use the convenience of central heating for a zap of winter warmth. For those of you who still need that bit of wood to remind you of cozy fires, look no further than these comfy log pillows from myimaginaryboyfriend who hits the nail on the head with these beauties. Never has a log been so cuddly!

Monday, 26 January 2009

The team from present and correct (who add lovely cards, prints and badges to The Red Door) have just released an amazing set of geometry jotters. These 50 page jotters with handprinted covers are inspired by an old 80s geometry set stumbled upon on a junk shop hunt. We think they are right up our alley and would look just lovely on our desks!

Friday, 23 January 2009

It's turned into a pretty grim, grey Friday here in Edinburgh, so here is a little image to hopefully pop a smile on your dial. Titled 'Smile, your coffee loves you' from crazyforbingo this image did the trick and perked us right up!

We are in love with these new DIY collage kits from Anthony Zinonos. Fresh from the postie today, these packs are filled with vintage crafty goodness and are just £6 per pack. We have just 6 in stock so best grab them quick!

I just came across these wonderful pencils from French design group Artypyk. Packed with personalities such as Salvador Dali and Burt Reynolds these are sure to give you your daily mustache fix!

Back in stock are the Garudio Studiage 'Wildlife of London' totes. Available in black or natural these puppies are £10 each and can be nabbed either instore or online.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

'Cabaret Baby' a brand spanking new print from Seymour just arrived in store. This Giclee print on German etching paper is limited to an edition of just 10, with not too many left already. As always, each print is signed, stamped and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Order online or instore now!

Monday, 19 January 2009

The team from 'Girls can Draw' have just released a brand new project titled 'Love to Print' which consists of 7 prints by 7 different artists. These A6 sized prints come in a gorgeous box and are a smashing £20 per set. A great pressie for Valentines day or for one wonderful person in your life!

Before I forget, for those who have been asking, the Donna Wilson 'Make-a-Monster' kits are back in stock. These are available either in store or via our online shop and are perfect for that inside winters day project.

Debi from 'Feel Fuzzy' just popped in with some more wooden jigsaw brooches for us. Made from vintage childrens books, these brooches flew off the shelves in December so are back by popular demand. At £5 a pop these come with the guarantee of making you or someone else who sees you wearing one, smile. Her motto of 'it's never too late to have a happy childhood' pretty much sums these gorgeous wee things up!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

How cool is this knitted Ferrari! London based artist Lauren Porter created this beauty with a staggering 12 miles of yarn. Get your hands on that much wool and you too can have your very own fast red car - note, some of you may need to get your Grandmothers knitting skills out for this one!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

With her cards already proving a big hit with our customers, we were thrilled to hear that Lisa Jones has finally listened to outlets and customers demands and created a stunning set of prints to adorn our walls. 'Towns' and 'Owls' are the first two in the series (here's hoping there are many more to come). At a handy A2 and a consumer conscious £65 these are a steal! We cant wait to get them in stock!

We are always up for things that put a little bit of sunshine in our day - and these watermelon vans courtesy of Urban Outfitters seem to do just the trick. Pair these with a bright sun dress and you'll be an instant hit - pity its not summer yet!

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

I do appreciate a good beard (since I am always hearing from my other half how difficult they are to grow) so when the wonderful Frankie pointed my in the direction of The World Beard Championship website - I was bewildered to say the least. Now, these guys are the real deal - no hair pins, extensions or hair colouring is allowed and contestants are free to enter a variety of categories including the delicate Dali moustache to the competitive full beared freestyle. This years competition isn't till May 2009 in Alaska so if you are keen to enter - best get growing and grooming. Best of Luck to you all!

I think it all started with the Cuckoo Clock my grandparents have in their hallway - it charmed the socks off all us grandkids (especially as it was brought home to NZ from Switzerland so seemed rather cultured) . I have since gathered a number of old cuckoos from boot sales and charity shops - all of which are missing parts and don't work properly.

Maybe it was because I was writing my gran a letter this morning but today just felt like a good day to explore whats on offer in the cuckoo clock department and boy did I found some beauties!

The three old looking ones are all from The Cuckoo Clock Shop and range from £83-£199, second in is Pascal Tarabays Birdhouse white cuckoo clock available from Snow-Home for £140. The coolest digital one I found was by designer Osian Batyka-Williams and is available is both analogue and digital and lastly the white laqured steel contemporary cuckoo also from Snow-Home can be yours for £165. If only there was a wall for them all to go on!

A Greeting for the New Year - with this adorable vintage greeting card . Nothing say happy new year better than an owl with a party hat and scarf - the inside delightfully says 'with best wishes for many happy days in the coming year' which we would like to extend to you all - happy 2009 - I have a feeling it is going to be a great one!

- image courtesy of lake.sider