Tuesday, 6 January 2009

I think it all started with the Cuckoo Clock my grandparents have in their hallway - it charmed the socks off all us grandkids (especially as it was brought home to NZ from Switzerland so seemed rather cultured) . I have since gathered a number of old cuckoos from boot sales and charity shops - all of which are missing parts and don't work properly.

Maybe it was because I was writing my gran a letter this morning but today just felt like a good day to explore whats on offer in the cuckoo clock department and boy did I found some beauties!

The three old looking ones are all from The Cuckoo Clock Shop and range from £83-£199, second in is Pascal Tarabays Birdhouse white cuckoo clock available from Snow-Home for £140. The coolest digital one I found was by designer Osian Batyka-Williams and is available is both analogue and digital and lastly the white laqured steel contemporary cuckoo also from Snow-Home can be yours for £165. If only there was a wall for them all to go on!

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