Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Happy Halloween - Cats, Skulls and Spooky Delights


It’s almost Halloween, one of our favourite times of year for dressing up and Pumpkins Galore. We’re not out for the shock value this year with our Halloween goodies.  Just lots of subtle spooky and slightly sinister prints and accessories in the gallery, with the odd nod to some pretty cool dress up ideas.

sugar skull, tri coin purse, leather, sodakitsch, foil embossed

If you love a Sugar Skull then we’ve just had a drop of new tri coin purses from SodaKitsch. Now featuring Foil Blocked Sugar Skulls.

tat skull, sugar skull, rich fairhead, el famoso, risograph, limited edition, halloween

They pair perfectly with Rich Fairhead’s Tat Skull Risograph Prints. You better be quick as the Limited Edition Gold Risograph is running low. It’s also available in Black.

familiar, cat, sinister, occult, science, scary cat, peter carrington

Peter Carrington’s prints make the viewer question if these are images of science, nature, mystical or the occult. A beautiful and inspiring collection of work. What do you see? If you haven’t see it yet, there’s still time to check out the fox Peter drew as part of his window exhibition with us.

horse head man, kirsty whiten, wronger rites, digital, water colour

We are extremely privilege to have the beautiful new book and set of limited edition prints by prolific Edinburgh based Artist Kirsty Whiten. Kirsty has worked with us here in the gallery for a number of years and we love her new work. We are offering a Print and Book deal in the Gallery for £26. Individually her Book is £20 and Prints £12 each. Call in for details.

Yellow Geo Chalk Stick Neckklace by Monstrous PencilWhether you’re going Spacey or Witchy with your Fancy Dress we think this Monstrous Pencil necklace would be quite a cool edition to your outfit and jewellery box there after. Its gorgeous Zingy Lime/Yellow colours really pop.

gemma correll, humour, cards, illustration, patchesIs It a pug? Is it a Skull? It’s a Pugskull! The perfect Halloween Patch. Comes as a set of 3 Tattoo Patches by Gemma Correll x Ohh Deer.

eye, eye patch, eye brooch, arkdesign, ark cambridge, foil embossed eye

Eye Eye!! Maybe you could be an alien from another planet with an third eye? We’d advise pinning to your jumper and not your head though, Ouch!! Newly Arrived from Ark.


Last minute and need a super quick dress up? These new dress up kits by Clockwork Soldier are for kids but we’re sure you could make it work. An outfit We’re sure even Tony Stark would be impressed by.

Pop on over to our Pinterest board and see what Halloween Ideas we’re pinning this month.

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween - Cats, Skulls and Spooky Delights

Friday, 21 October 2016

Friday Feeling - Dazzle of Zebras

misterpeeblesThis Dazzle of Zebra’s are definitely rocking that Friday feeling and has got us in the party mood. A busy weekend beacons. It’s going to be a fun one, so much wonderful new work has arrived these past few weeks in the gallery.

2017 Calendar

It’s an animal affair in our new window this October. In celebration of the fantastic new ‘Have You Herd?’ Calendar. The pun-tactic Mister Peebles has taken over our windows and decorated it in her true animal pun style.

This time her animal prints are getting the Collective Noun treatment. Who knew there were so many fantastic nouns to describe a collection of animals? You can treat yourself to a whole 12 months of her beautiful illustrations but if one of them has taken your fancy you can purchase them as prints too.

A Dazzle of ZebrasA Dazzle of Zebras – Don’t they look fancy?

We’re sure the Dazzling Zebra’s have caught your eye. Available in striking A2 Size.  For those where space is of a premium, this beautiful print has just arrived in A3. As has this beautiful Puddling of Ducks, now available in two sizes.

A Puddling of Ducks

Bouquet of Pheasants anyone? This has been one of the most popular since Mister Peebles new collection has arrived. Available framed and unframed online or in the gallery whilst you wait.

A Bouquet of PheasantsA Beautiful Bouquet of Pheasants – Pretty Birds

This card has definitely struck a chord with our Red Door Staff and customers. It’s also just arrived in A4 size print due to demand. Available framed in store and coming to the website this weekend.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend planned, We’re off home to a Glaring of Cats. 🙂

Friday Feeling - Dazzle of Zebras

Monday, 3 October 2016

How Rude!

rude-to-scaleHave we got some rubbish news for you?  We are down to our last copies of these bright, cheery, colourful prints and we’ve only just uploaded them online for ya.. how Rude?  Yes presicely, they are by London based design duo, Rude!

you-and-me-cushionAbi and Rupert are the folks behind Rude.  They met at work, left work, became Rude then became a family.  Over the last 8 years, they have grown their buisness to include many varying interests, all encompassing their trade mark cut out, colourful aesthetic.


Their fan base includes Zoe Ball and Tracy Emin, and of their own works, the designers say it is “our designs are rude in only the most innocent sense”.


We have a brilliant mix of their A3 Giclee prints available in the online shop, if you 100% love walking around the city in your brogues, then this collection will get a big ole tick on the list!cini-laptop-case-video-front

If you live techno, but love retro, then you share the design duo’s romantic take on craft.  This lap top case could be for you, cine film anyone?cini-laptop-case-video-reverseAnd the reverse will keep you amused for many an op art hour.spal-teapot

Not content with offering prints and textiles, the Rude designers aim “to make good design accessable, in whatever medium”.  True to their word, they have released this stunning collection of ceramics.  Titled the “Spal” collection, this teapot’s certain to be a good pourer.mugbannerhires_grande

And what’s a teapot without a matching mug?  Well, in keeping with the deisgn style, the mugs match, but not in a matchy matchy way, just to keep you guessing!canoe-a5-notebok-frontHopefully this Rude introduction has left you feeling inspired and ready to paddle your own design canoe?  Perhaps this cheeky wee note book would make the perfect starting point?rude-teamShop the full collection here :)

Happy Sunday!





How Rude!

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Test Post from The Red Door Gallery - Art Prints, Design Products and Creative Gifts

Test Post from The Red Door Gallery - Art Prints, Design Products and Creative Gifts

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Be Prepared - Stationery for the lazy!

Monday marks the official start of Uni here in Edinburgh, make sure you’re prepared for the semester ahead with our great range of stationery and note books. Release your inner child with our humour range from Gemma Correll for Ohh Deer. :)

I made this with my bum, gemma correll, ohh deer, back to school, pencil caseEven the most serious amongst us, can’t hold in the chuckle at this cute pencil case!


Maybe this dreamy unicorn is more your style? Show your love for Scotlands National Animal with this cute chubby unicorn.

daily planner, olliepops, plan your weekThe first week of Uni can be a busy one! Make sure you keep on top of your studies and your social life with this neat planner from Olliepops. Handmade here in Edinburgh.

nope, not a morning person, gemma correll, ohh deerWe’re all familiar with this feeling!! Nope? Fill to the brim with your notes and doodles on those days when you’d really rather be at home in bed!


Keep your notes in check and your lines straight with the cool geometric range from Ding Ding. Check out Jenna’s great range of Clipboards and Rulers.degrees_of_tiredness


We think you might all be familiar with this card by the end of your first semester. :) Send this card to the friend that might need a wee pick me up in the midst of exams.  Let them know that you’re feeling the pain too!

We wish all new students the best of  luck for your coming year, Fight the struggle of your busy schedule with lots of lists!! The brighter the better!

sloth, note pad, ohh deer, gemma correll

Be Prepared - Stationery for the lazy!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Sunday Sale Treats

sale, craft kits, crafty, decoupageIt’s September and most of us are back to work/school/Uni (delete where applicable) and wondering where the summer has gone? We’ve not had many glorious summer days up here in Scotland and so we thought we’re all maybe due a treat……..


To make way for the exciting new products coming our way this Autumn we’re having a little sale. Why not treat yourself or your kids to some of the great craft kits we have. Perfect for when the weather turns and we’re all snuggled up by the fire on a cold Autumn day.

Sundays always seem to be the perfect day to get the craft kits out. :)

Felt Kit PackagingThese felt toy kits from Corinne Lapierre are great fun, enjoy the satisfaction of stitching your very own toys or gift them to your kids if they’re just too little to make them themselves. :)

Philippa FoxPhilippa Fox is one of our Favourites. Was £14 now £12. Suitable for 10 years and over with a little supervision.

Animal Fantasy Decoration Kit - on the wall

We love a bit of paper craft no matter our age, Our current range from Mon Petit Art is lots of fun.

Animal Fantasy Decoration Kit - detail 2With so much detail, it would be a beautiful addition to a little girls room. This Fantasy Animal kit is now at the great price of £12.50. Was £16. All Mon Petit Art in now on sale. Click the link to be taken to the full collection.  There’s something for all ages.

Doodle Christmas Stocking ExampleIt’s the dreaded C word, but who doesn’t love some early preparation. These fun stockings from Eat, Sleep, Doodle are now in our sale at the very special price of £9.50 Were £14. Get Christmas ready long before the rush hits. :)

This is just a small selection of what we have to offer in our sale. I’ll end on a personal favourite. This beautiful Catus Print from Please to Meet. It doesn’t only look great, it also serves as a great reminder to feed our little cacti friends! Was £48 Now £40

Cactus PrintGet comfy and browse our extensive Sale Collection, Sunday treats definitely help to ease those Monday Blues! :)

Sunday Sale Treats

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Edinburgh Festival Highlights


Finally, our daily festival treat has been Guru Dudu’s Silent Walking Tour of Edinburgh going past our cheery red doors…. not so silent and always entertaining!  There may still be time to hop on this singing tour if you are luckySo, what has your highlight of Edinburgh Festival 2016 been?  With the end of the festival now in sight, surely it’s time to make the best of this last weekend.  Here’s a round up of some of our favourite events!

8David O’Doherty was in a big venue this year and we laughed our socks off as he played his Cassio keyboard and sung songs about that strange shopping isle in the middle of Lidl…

Kitten Diagram Shopping BagTotally nonsensical, but look at all the kittens!

11“The Jazz Bar”, just around the corner from us (on Chamber Street), presents inspirational, live music throughout the year.  The Festival brings longer opening hours and so more music!  We caught an excellent line up in their regular, monthly curated night “Bitches Brew”, titled #5 The Party in The Eye of The Storm.

Finally, our daily festival treat has been Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tour of Edinburgh going past our cheery red doors…. not so silent and always entertaining!  There may still be time to hop on this singing tour if you are lucky!party animals, G&T, Animal iconsOn reflection, this list of Festival Highlights all centres around music, so perhaps a little look at our Party Animals Collection is an apt end to this year’s Edinburgh Festival? Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat!

Edinburgh Festival Highlights

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Test Post from The Red Door Gallery - Art Prints, Design Products and Creative Gifts

Test Post from The Red Door Gallery - Art Prints, Design Products and Creative Gifts

Friday, 15 July 2016

ECA Graduate Showcase

mainblogimageThe degree shows seem but a distant memory now. This means we now get to showcase all the great work from the most recent graduates.

If you’re a regular visitor to the gallery and our blog, you’ll remember the ‘Look What I Saw Exhibition’ we did with 3rd Year Students at ECA (Edinburgh College of Art) last year. The illustration students illustrated their favourite views in Edinburgh, with some very unique and interesting results.


Fast forward a year and these students have now graduated and we’re excited to have some of their 1st work as freelance illustrators behind our Red Doors.

Valpuri Karinen Edinburgh Unicorn

Valpuri Karinen is one of them, originally from Finland and now spending her time working as a freelance illustrator between Finland and Edinburgh. We’re sure you’ll remember her quirky illustrative style and her Edinburgh Unicorn Print. This print raised many a question, Who was the long haired man riding the unicorn?

Lapland Nature by Valpuri Valpa Karinen

We love this beautiful new piece by Valpuri. Titled Lapland Nature, it was inspired by the Artist’s research trip to Lapland in her final year studying at ECA.

hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, valpuri karinen, eggs

Fan of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? You’ll love Valpuri’s collection inspired by this. We also have a range of great greetings cards, available from the gallery on Victoria Street.

jelly fish, under the sea, hari draws, hari conner

Hari Conner is the next graduate who also took part in the exhibition. Now working under the name Hari Draws. Hari spends her time between London and Edinburgh and fun fact, She also has a 1st Class CertHe in Astrophysics. You can definitely see this influence in Hari’s work and she’s illustrated for a number of science publications. Hari also writes comics. you can check out her work here

sharks, under the sea, great white, basking, hari draws, hari conner

Not only is Hari’s work available in beautiful print form, she’s created a range of zip cases and sticker packs. Perfect for all your pens or gaming needs.


Last but most certainly not least in this weeks graduate showcase is Maria Riktepyte. Her work is the translation of her inner responses to the outer world. Maria’s fascination with metaphors and symbols results in imagination-stirring images that dance the line between fiction and reality.

Product photo of Habitat print by Maria Rikteryte

Her Habitat print caught our attention at the degree show and we’re pleased to now be showing Maria’s beautiful work in the gallery.

Healthy Diet Manifesto 3 of the Set of 5 Postcards by Maria Rikteryte

One of the more recent additions to her collection are her Healthy Diet Manifesto Postcards. Very appropriate in our health obsessed society. Don’t Get Angry over Candy is a definite favourite of ours.

The Red Door has been in business for over 12 years now, we are always proud to represent new and exciting graduates straight out of art schools both in Scotland and up and down the UK. Many of the long standing illustrators that we showcase were ECA Graduates themselves.

Castle City A3 by Susie Wright

Susie Wright is one of many past ECA Graduates.

It can be a tough task selecting the wonderful collections we have in the gallery, thankfully we have our Creative Manager Nicky who hand picks our cohesive collection of art, design and accessories.

Happy Weekend! :)

ECA Graduate Showcase

Friday, 8 July 2016

Holiday DIY Fun

mina braun, holiday DIY fun, Mon Petit Art, Colouring Books, Sewing, Pop out cards, Freya, Atomic soda, banjo, tote bags, prints, stickersSchools out for Summer and in true British style, our weather is somewhat unpredictable. We’re here to make sure you’re not caught out on those rainy days, with lots of DIY kits to keep the kids and yourselves occupied when it’s raining outside. Everything from stitching to colouring, we’re sure there’s something for everyone.

New from French company Mon Petit Art, we have a wonderful mix of city building, colouring in and secret gardens.

city of dreams, construction, mon petit art

For the budding junior architect of those that love to build things. City of Dreams is a fun mix of bright colours and interesting abstract buildings. You could spend hours of fun creating lots of different cities with this one.

3D Colour City Paris - eiffell tower

How about colouring and building in one? A fun set for all ages where you get to colour your favourite sets and build them in to 3D structures.


Maybe you’d rather just dig out the pens and get in some mindful colouring. Eilidh Muldoon’s Colouring Book of Scotland could be the perfect beach side companion.

Philippa Fox

If stitching is more your thing, we have the cutest felt kits from Corinne Lapierre. We do love this cute fox in her pretty floral dress. Great for older children, or Big Kids like ourselves; the kits come with everything you need to hand stitch your chosen little characters.


One of our classic DIY Kits and great for traveling or sending in the post are Kate McLelland’s  Cut Out & Make Animals and our extensive collection of Pop Out Cards. Great to post and also good to keep little ones occupied without the need for glue and paints.

Pop Out Monkey

With all these DIY Kits to carry around, you’re going to need a little tote. These small tote bags are a great size for little ones on a day out to the park.

tote bag, banjo, cute animal totes


We’ve also just taken delivery of a new collection of prints from Mina Braun, They fit in perfectly with our kids DIY feature. They’re a range of limited edition screen prints, these are currently available from the gallery and will be online next week. Featured below is Rollerskate.

mina braun, holiday DIY fun, Colouring Books, Sewing, Pop out cards

If you’ve purchased any of our fun DIY kits, we’d love to see how much fun you had. Tag us in them over on Instagram and hashtag your images #diyreddoor

Looking for some more DIY inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board.

Dance in the rain print

This print by Freya sums up the weekend coming up!! Whatever the weather. Make sure it’s fun filled!

Happy Weekend! :)



Holiday DIY Fun