Sunday, 21 August 2016

Test Post from The Red Door Gallery - Art Prints, Design Products and Creative Gifts

Test Post from The Red Door Gallery - Art Prints, Design Products and Creative Gifts

Friday, 15 July 2016

ECA Graduate Showcase

mainblogimageThe degree shows seem but a distant memory now. This means we now get to showcase all the great work from the most recent graduates.

If you’re a regular visitor to the gallery and our blog, you’ll remember the ‘Look What I Saw Exhibition’ we did with 3rd Year Students at ECA (Edinburgh College of Art) last year. The illustration students illustrated their favourite views in Edinburgh, with some very unique and interesting results.


Fast forward a year and these students have now graduated and we’re excited to have some of their 1st work as freelance illustrators behind our Red Doors.

Valpuri Karinen Edinburgh Unicorn

Valpuri Karinen is one of them, originally from Finland and now spending her time working as a freelance illustrator between Finland and Edinburgh. We’re sure you’ll remember her quirky illustrative style and her Edinburgh Unicorn Print. This print raised many a question, Who was the long haired man riding the unicorn?

Lapland Nature by Valpuri Valpa Karinen

We love this beautiful new piece by Valpuri. Titled Lapland Nature, it was inspired by the Artist’s research trip to Lapland in her final year studying at ECA.

hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, valpuri karinen, eggs

Fan of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? You’ll love Valpuri’s collection inspired by this. We also have a range of great greetings cards, available from the gallery on Victoria Street.

jelly fish, under the sea, hari draws, hari conner

Hari Conner is the next graduate who also took part in the exhibition. Now working under the name Hari Draws. Hari spends her time between London and Edinburgh and fun fact, She also has a 1st Class CertHe in Astrophysics. You can definitely see this influence in Hari’s work and she’s illustrated for a number of science publications. Hari also writes comics. you can check out her work here

sharks, under the sea, great white, basking, hari draws, hari conner

Not only is Hari’s work available in beautiful print form, she’s created a range of zip cases and sticker packs. Perfect for all your pens or gaming needs.


Last but most certainly not least in this weeks graduate showcase is Maria Riktepyte. Her work is the translation of her inner responses to the outer world. Maria’s fascination with metaphors and symbols results in imagination-stirring images that dance the line between fiction and reality.

Product photo of Habitat print by Maria Rikteryte

Her Habitat print caught our attention at the degree show and we’re pleased to now be showing Maria’s beautiful work in the gallery.

Healthy Diet Manifesto 3 of the Set of 5 Postcards by Maria Rikteryte

One of the more recent additions to her collection are her Healthy Diet Manifesto Postcards. Very appropriate in our health obsessed society. Don’t Get Angry over Candy is a definite favourite of ours.

The Red Door has been in business for over 12 years now, we are always proud to represent new and exciting graduates straight out of art schools both in Scotland and up and down the UK. Many of the long standing illustrators that we showcase were ECA Graduates themselves.

Castle City A3 by Susie Wright

Susie Wright is one of many past ECA Graduates.

It can be a tough task selecting the wonderful collections we have in the gallery, thankfully we have our Creative Manager Nicky who hand picks our cohesive collection of art, design and accessories.

Happy Weekend! :)

ECA Graduate Showcase

Friday, 8 July 2016

Holiday DIY Fun

mina braun, holiday DIY fun, Mon Petit Art, Colouring Books, Sewing, Pop out cards, Freya, Atomic soda, banjo, tote bags, prints, stickersSchools out for Summer and in true British style, our weather is somewhat unpredictable. We’re here to make sure you’re not caught out on those rainy days, with lots of DIY kits to keep the kids and yourselves occupied when it’s raining outside. Everything from stitching to colouring, we’re sure there’s something for everyone.

New from French company Mon Petit Art, we have a wonderful mix of city building, colouring in and secret gardens.

city of dreams, construction, mon petit art

For the budding junior architect of those that love to build things. City of Dreams is a fun mix of bright colours and interesting abstract buildings. You could spend hours of fun creating lots of different cities with this one.

3D Colour City Paris - eiffell tower

How about colouring and building in one? A fun set for all ages where you get to colour your favourite sets and build them in to 3D structures.


Maybe you’d rather just dig out the pens and get in some mindful colouring. Eilidh Muldoon’s Colouring Book of Scotland could be the perfect beach side companion.

Philippa Fox

If stitching is more your thing, we have the cutest felt kits from Corinne Lapierre. We do love this cute fox in her pretty floral dress. Great for older children, or Big Kids like ourselves; the kits come with everything you need to hand stitch your chosen little characters.


One of our classic DIY Kits and great for traveling or sending in the post are Kate McLelland’s  Cut Out & Make Animals and our extensive collection of Pop Out Cards. Great to post and also good to keep little ones occupied without the need for glue and paints.

Pop Out Monkey

With all these DIY Kits to carry around, you’re going to need a little tote. These small tote bags are a great size for little ones on a day out to the park.

tote bag, banjo, cute animal totes


We’ve also just taken delivery of a new collection of prints from Mina Braun, They fit in perfectly with our kids DIY feature. They’re a range of limited edition screen prints, these are currently available from the gallery and will be online next week. Featured below is Rollerskate.

mina braun, holiday DIY fun, Colouring Books, Sewing, Pop out cards

If you’ve purchased any of our fun DIY kits, we’d love to see how much fun you had. Tag us in them over on Instagram and hashtag your images #diyreddoor

Looking for some more DIY inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board.

Dance in the rain print

This print by Freya sums up the weekend coming up!! Whatever the weather. Make sure it’s fun filled!

Happy Weekend! :)



Holiday DIY Fun

Friday, 1 July 2016

Party Animals!

party animals, G&T, Animal iconsIt’s July! Schools out for summer and we’re all hoping that the sun might get his hat back on for little more than a day here and there.

party animals, G&T, Animal icons

We love any excuse to party and July seems as good a time as any! :) It’s probably because we’re surrounded by lots of ‘Party Animals’ here in the gallery.

david meowie, david bowie, cats, animals, music, major tom

If we could only go back in time and party with David (Meowie) Bowie and Jimi (Hen)drix. We’re sure you’ll agree that these prints by Mister Peebles are the perfect gift for the music and animal lovers out there.

Jimi Hen DrixShow everyone your true ‘Party Animal’ Style with this great new design from Chase and Wonder. Available as either a cute purse or larger wash bag.

party animal, chase and wonder, zebra, washbag, purse, screen printed

Complete your party outfit with Lucie Ellen’s gorgeous Party collection of mint, Black, speckled and Gold or Copper Sparkly details. Your sure to make a statement with her necklace and brooch.

party brooch, lucie ellen, mint, copper. glitter, brooch

These guys like a dance, and they’re rocking some of the wackiest of outfits. They’re a concertina of bookmarks and we’re sure they’ll make you want to pick up your book and get reading. :)

The Trendys Bookmark - concertina

If like them, you get a little carried away on the dance floor, this is the perfect print for you.

vinyl record, dance like nobody is watching, dance, linocut, black and red, woah there pickleLimited edition linocut print by Woah There Pickle.  Dance Like Nobody Is Watching.  If you’re a little self conscious about your dancing style, take heed of these wise words from Mr Pickles.

dance like nobody is watching, ohh deer, gemma correll, cards, pugs

He’s also got some pretty unimpressed ‘party animal’ friends. Don’t think these guys like their glittery hats!

party animals, gemma correll, cards, pets, cats, dogsHope this has got you in the party mood, If not then we currently have the wonderful Kate Sheridan and Will Broome Bag Collection in the SALE! Come grab yourself a summer bargain and up your street credentials at the same time!Will Broome x Kate Sheridan Heart Eyed Panda ToteHappy weekend and Happy Canada Day to all our lovely Canadian Shoppers out there! :) Now where did we leave our G & T?

gin and tonic, valpuri karinen, hitchhikers guide to the galaxyNew prints arrived from recent ECA graduate Valpuri Karinen.








Party Animals!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

At The Movies

at the movies, movie blog, wes anderson, harry potter, napoleon dynamite, steve zissou,ryan gosling, lego menThe Edinburgh Film Festival is in full swing. with another 5 days to go, there are still loads of great movies to catch. Best get in there quick as some of the hotly tipped shows have already sold out.

For those of you unaware of the festival, it’s been going since 1947 and is world renowned for discovering and promoting the best in International cinema. You can find out more about it here. and book tickets to some great movies.

at the movies, movie blog, wes anderson, harry potter, napoleon dynamite, steve zissou,ryan gosling, lego men, batman

We have a selection in the online shop completely dedicated to Movies, Tv and Icons. We thought what better week to showcase some of our favourites than this week,  when you’re all in the Movie watching mood.

royal tenebaums, margo and richie, wes anderson, at the movies, and smile

Both staff and customers are big fans of Wes Anderson movies and Victorija of And Smile has captured some of her favourite characters just perfectly in her unique illustrative style.

Moonrise Kingdom is one of our favourites. All Wes Anderson movies are visually beautiful but there’s something extra special about this one. Maybe its the bright mustard yellow theme that flows throught the movie.

Carry the little love birds Susie & Sam with you wherever you go with these cute little pin brooches by And Smile.

wes anderson, moonrise kingdom, suzy and sam, at the movies

Harry Potter will forever be in everyone’s hearts. There’s even Harry Potter Tours around Edinburgh. We love Barry Bulsara’s take on the comedic duo from the movie The Weasley Brothers. If you love Harry Potter, you’ll enjoy this very different take on the blockbuster movies.

Harry Potter Tribute Print

Do you like seeing your name in lights? If the answer is Yes then you’ll love these light boxes but A Lovely Little Company. Very reminicent of the old school signs outside the cinemas.

lovely little company, bright lights, cinema sign, at the movies

Want to colour in your favourite Movie Stars? Then these fun colouring books by I Love Mel are just perfect for you. Choose from Ryan Gosling, Eddie Redmaine, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, James Franco and Jamie Dornan, we’re sure there might even be space to draw yourself beside your chosen actor. :)

ryan gosling, at the movies, colouring books, I Love Mel

A movie feature wouldn’t be complete without The Grey Earl. His super popular Stars Are Braw series is always flying out our red doors. There are now two new additions to his Bat Boy collection. Bat Boy v Super Boy and Bat Baby. Worthy additions to his ever expanding collection.

vs. superboy print

Delicious Bass anyone? This fun linocut has just arrived from Woah There Pickle. If you’ve seen Nepoleon Dynamite then you’ll get this very funny print.

delicious bass, napoleon dynamite, at the movies, social awkward one liners, woah there pickleWe just had to end on everyone’s favourite Socially Awkward character and one of the funniest clips from the film.

Happy Movie watching! :)


At The Movies

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Circus In Town

circus in town, acrobatics, wrestlers, circusWhat could be better to bring a bit of colour to this dreary week we’ve been having? Why a circus of course!:) This weekend we’re all in for a treat in The Grassmarket as ‘Let’s Circus‘ rolls in to town. The perfect family friendly show full of acrobatics. The show Arrr we there yet? by Head First Acrobats will be a fabulous forty minutes of pirate themed circus mayhem! Perfect for all the family.

circus in town, ferris wheel, magic, zebra unicorn, juggler, clownsThere’s even workshops so you can try your hand at circus performance. You might discover a hidden talent. 😉

circus in town, circus comedy, big tent, juggler, how do you kill a circus

All this talk of Circus got us inspired for our blog this week and all the fun goodies that we have behind our red doors. Why not stop by and see us this weekend and tell us all about your acrobatic encounters and pick up a treat to remind you of the weekend? We can assure you, we won’t be killing the circus but we do love this Andy Smith  limited edition screen print.

ferris wheel, funfair, circus in town, another studio, mini-onaire

These new arrivals from Another Studio have got us looking forward to Funfairs with the Edinburgh Festival being not too far away. You’ll need nimble fingers for constructing this cute little Ferris Mini-onaires.

trapeze, circus in town, trapeze bunnies, HAM

We think these little bunnies might see themselves as the perfect Acro-act! Flying high on their Trapeze. these cute little guys are the perfect gift for those with acrobatics in their hearts. Just one of the fabulous Bunny prints by HAM.YouWe’ve got Shiny new Notebooks just arrived from Chase and Wonder. Magical, circus inspired Notebooks with gold foil details. The perfect place to write all your notes from Circus School! :)

This retired wrestler dresses as an owl with wings to boot!

We have an extensive collection of prints from Seymour. We’re sure his Retired Wrestlers collection would love to come out of retirement and join the fun this weekend.

clowns, seymour, circus in town

If all this talk has got you excited for all the joys the Edinburgh Fringe Festival brings, The 2016 programme has just been released. Grab yourself a copy and get planning your August of Fun. It will be here before you know it!

Happy Browsing.

Circus In Town