Thursday, 29 January 2015

Reload: Tom Pigeon Snow

settingupHere’s a photo diary of Tom Pigeon’s snow storm exhibition instalation in our windows, a perfect perch for their jewellery, prints, notebooks and more amid a flurry of a hand illustrateed snow!

tompigeonmakinghomeThe “Anything” window featured the beautiful “Brass” collection.  Tom Pigeon had lovingly painted each and every box to show case their collection from.everytingThe “Everything” window, was home to the “Copper “collection and the cinema type alphabet range.notebooks-necklaces-coppercoppernavytri2_150coppercircle2_150The first of Tom Pigeons metal/formica collection and still one of the favourites with staff and customers alike are the Copper and Mint Tri Earrings and Copper Bar Necklace. We love the mix of copper and mint in this collection.



The Fraction collection took it to the next level with bold hexagonal and triangle brooches and earrings with brass and copper triangle accents. The brooches look great on their own or as a cluster together.

Copper Rectangle Grid Earrings Grid_Neck_B2_web_grande

Another new range under Tom Pigeon is their Grid Collection, with styles for both men and women. Necklaces, Earrings, Cufflinks and Tie Pins. Made from Solid Copper, Silver and Brass.  Here’s a little insight in to the collection from the creators.

‘The Grid collection is a graphic jewellery collection inspired by the Italian radical design group Superstudio, our love of graph paper and a little bit of Studio 54 glamour’.



As with all great projects, we were disappointed to have to take down the window, but we are sue you agree that the “Tom Pigeon Snowstorm” still looks great with our January Window Exhibits – David Fleck’s “Celestial Cities”:

fleckwindow1A huge thanks to Tom Pigeon and STV Edinburgh for asking for this re-load!

Reload: Tom Pigeon Snow

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Eeeeek A Mouse!

“Ode To A Mouse” by Rabbie Burns, Illustrated by Red Door prints.Graham Carter_TheGardener

Wee, sleeket, cowran, tim'rous beastie,
O, what panic's in thy breastie!
Thou need na start awa sae hasty,
Wi' bickering brattle!
I wad be laith to rin an' chase thee,
Wi' murd'ring pattle!
Elegent yet over sized Lilly's merge with a line drawn metropolis

I’m truly sorry Man’s dominion

Has broken Nature’s social union,

An’ justifies that ill opinion,

Which makes thee startle,

At me, thy poor, earth-born companion,

An’ fellow-mortal!


I doubt na, whyles, but thou may thieve;

What then? poor beastie, thou maun live!

A daimen-icker in a thrave ‘S a sma’ request:

I’ll get a blessin wi’ the lave,

An’ never miss’t!

House 4

Thy wee-bit housie, too, in ruin!

It’s silly wa’s the win’s are strewin!

An’ naething, now, to big a new ane,

O’ foggage green!

An’ bleak December’s winds ensuin,

Baith snell an’ keen!


Thou saw the fields laid bare an’ wast,

An’ weary Winter comin fast,

An’ cozie here, beneath the blast,

Thou thought to dwell,

Till crash! the cruel coulter past

Out thro’ thy cell.


Mitey mouse 1That wee-bit heap o’ leaves an’ stibble,

Has cost thee monie a weary nibble!

Now thou’s turn’d out, for a’ thy trouble,

But house or hald.

To thole the Winter’s sleety dribble,

An’ cranreuch cauld!

The Eyes In Our Skies WEB sq 600

But Mousie, thou are no thy-lane,

In proving foresight may be vain:

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,

Gang aft agley,

An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,

For promis’d joy!


Still, thou art blest, compar’d wi’ me!

The present only toucheth thee:

But Och! I backward cast my e’e,

On prospects drear!

An’ forward, tho’ I canna see,

I guess an’ fear!


Eeeeek A Mouse!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Vadar Goes Postal

sliderbarryYou pop culture vultures will love Barry D Bulsara Collection, back in stock and with new works too !

The Big Lebowskipostal-angleThe non-postal post man (a-hem – above print is titled “Vadar goes Postal”) has delivered us a few extras of these prints as we have a sneeky feeling there will be a few Valentine’s gifts in this collection!  Prices from £25, yes they are hand pulled screen prints and start at A3 size.

Vadar Goes Postal

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Handwritten Fonts



A wee hint of natural script in a print can bring it too life, have peep at our handwritten font faves!  Hanna Melin takes on International Code Flags with her great, natural approach to typography, a lot of her works combine image and typography, have a peep here for her wider collection.AH_little-_-often Alison Hardcastle’s paper cut fonts combine screen printing with hand writing to great effect and are key to her trademark style!  Always keeping things positive, Alison’s affirmations are friendly and real, thanks to the hand written fontgin_card

It’s too early for gin, so we can keep chatting… Rich Fairhead’s handwriting appears across many of his prints too and conveys his sense of humour beautifully.

Have a look at our collection of hand written font works here, perhaps it will inspire your own perfectly penned notes?

Handwritten Fonts

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dreaming of Summer...

California… These prints are the heart-warming eco ticket to the sun you need this January!

SantoriniWe’ve put together a collection of our new favourite stay-cation rays of sunshine so you can have some fun in the sun from the comfort of your own living rooms.  As the sun-less Sunday night draws in around us, let’s start dreaming of summer and warmer climates.  Essi Kimpamaki’s above prints are of California and  Santorini, both £20, both vitamin D boosting!*** B(ee)-WEB

With his sunshine Bumble Bee (above) and Nova Luna Moon (below), Graham Carter captures the warmth of a summer day and magic of a hot evening out, here’s wishing you cosy toes or as my Scottish Granny says… …we hope we’ve warmed your cockles!GC_Nova Luna (1)


***Not really, though maybe one day.

Dreaming of Summer...

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Celestial Cities Window Exhibition


window-cropDavid Fleck’s new print folio is our exclusive “Celestial Cities” window exhibition for January!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAbove you can see “Mars”, “Sun” and “Saturn” described with bold colours and Architectural styles. Illustrator and Architect David Fleck associates each planet’s characteristics with stylized buildings which resonate with us all as somewhere we know, some perhaps with a literal representation, others have more of a sense of place.  However they come across to you, we hope you take time to view the whole collection here and enjoy the bright, cheery colour palette which is certainly a welcome rainbow in our dark and blustery January months.

IMG_20150111_171853We are showcasing a riot of colour in our second window at the moment, 2015 is going to be bold and full of colour!  If you’d like a new cushion to keep you snug n’ smiley over the chilly evenings, have a look at what’s new in our Homewares section, Gaston would love a new home… as would our very Lonely Goldfish (though you willl have to email to find out more about him!).  Lastly, there is a cheeky wee SALE section for all you bargain hunters out there!  So you can support your fave artist and makers through January and treat yourself to something special at the same time :)

Celestial Cities Window Exhibition