Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Handwritten Fonts



A wee hint of natural script in a print can bring it too life, have peep at our handwritten font faves!  Hanna Melin takes on International Code Flags with her great, natural approach to typography, a lot of her works combine image and typography, have a peep here for her wider collection.AH_little-_-often Alison Hardcastle’s paper cut fonts combine screen printing with hand writing to great effect and are key to her trademark style!  Always keeping things positive, Alison’s affirmations are friendly and real, thanks to the hand written fontgin_card

It’s too early for gin, so we can keep chatting… Rich Fairhead’s handwriting appears across many of his prints too and conveys his sense of humour beautifully.

Have a look at our collection of hand written font works here, perhaps it will inspire your own perfectly penned notes?

Handwritten Fonts

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