Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dreaming of Summer...

California… These prints are the heart-warming eco ticket to the sun you need this January!

SantoriniWe’ve put together a collection of our new favourite stay-cation rays of sunshine so you can have some fun in the sun from the comfort of your own living rooms.  As the sun-less Sunday night draws in around us, let’s start dreaming of summer and warmer climates.  Essi Kimpamaki’s above prints are of California and  Santorini, both £20, both vitamin D boosting!*** B(ee)-WEB

With his sunshine Bumble Bee (above) and Nova Luna Moon (below), Graham Carter captures the warmth of a summer day and magic of a hot evening out, here’s wishing you cosy toes or as my Scottish Granny says… …we hope we’ve warmed your cockles!GC_Nova Luna (1)


***Not really, though maybe one day.

Dreaming of Summer...

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