Friday, 23 October 2015

FridayFavourites - Haunting Animals

HauntingAnimalsHalloween ’tis but a week away.

By now we hope you’ve all got your costume plans in the pipeline. We do love a little bit of dress up in the gallery and I’d happily turn anyone or anything within arms length in to a Zombie!


Some scary zombie jars for our halloween window

We’ve gone for a more cute and maybe slightly sinister edge with this weeks Animal themed #fridayfavourites. There can sometimes be something a little bit haunting about animals and their piercing and scary looking eyes.


Foxes and Wolves are known for their scary eyes and creeping around in the dark. A regular feature in horror movies they can be a great source of inspiration for halloween costumes and seem to inspire our artists in the gallery year round. We have many a fox and wolf themed goody for you to choose from.

Fox cushionscaled

Zixiao Chang’s work is inspired by the animal kingdom with a selection of homewares and fashion accessories featuring some of her favourite animals with lots of colourful geometric details.


Fox And Moon by Emily Mackenzie is the perfect night time scene of a fox creeping around under the moonlight. A stunning mix of bright colours shot against a dark background.

Lunar Wolf Main

New A4 size prints of Peter Carringtons popular collection have arrived. Peter hope to make the viewer ‘question if his work is images of science, nature, mystical or the occult.’

Black Cat ClockWe were super excited when the lovely Jo of Hello Sunshine added a range of beautiful laser cut clocks to her already successful collection of acrylic jewellery. Black Cats are great inspiration for the haunting hour. The trusty side kick to scary witches and magical in their own right. You never can tell what a cat is thinking!

Hello Sunshine LittleBlackCat range

Seen as both Good and Bad Omens! What sort of Black Cat will you be this Halloween?

Woodland Animal Masks 1

Take your pick of the forest with this fun collection of masks from Clockwork Soldier. Perfect for both Adults and Children a like. Grab a group of friends and head out Trick or Treating as a woodland posse.

Western European fetish II (bowtie, good condition minus tail, sparrow feet, glass sprigs) print by Kirsty Whiten

The centre piece of this weeks #fridayfavourites is a piece from Kirsty Whiten’s new collection. Whiten strives to create frank images, which break down the social constructs of our behaviour.  This print in particular, aims to make the viewer aware of the sexuality, control and neuroses underneath appearance, this should make you feel a little uncomfortable, and is a brilliant piece to spark conversation, questions and debate.

Western European Fetish I (unicorn with some discolouration, finch bone, barn nails) by Kirsty Whiten

Western European Fetish I (unicorn with some discolouration, finch bone, barn nails) is the full title of this print, Limited Edition Giclee Print.

We hope you’ve found this weeks #fridayfavourites inspiring.

Happy weekend! :)


FridayFavourites - Haunting Animals

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