Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A Little Italian Holiday.

Hey Folks! Sorry for the lack of blog activity. I have just returned from a weeks holiday and Nicky and Viv have been busy bees in my absence. Italy was simply delightful. I spent three days in Florence and then journeyed down into the Tuscan countryside to stay at my friend Fiona's Guest House. Here are a few snapshots from my travels...

 My souvenirs were purchased from 'Le 18 Lune', a little shop that reminded me of The Red Door, 'Boutique Nadine', a stunning new store with two locations (Via de'Benci 32r and Lungarno Acciaiuoli 22r) and from the Flea Market in Piazza d'Ciompi.
Fiona and Simone's Guest House and Outdoor Activity Company can be found HERE. It is in the most beautiful location imaginable and I can not recommend it more highly.

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Annarack said...

Sounded lovely your trip. I love your photos.