Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Seymour has been a very busy bee, producing not just one new print, but an entire new print set titled 'Retired Wrestlers'.  Any one who was a fan of WWF will love looking at these prints and pondering over what may have become of the lycra clad heros...

The prints come as a beautifully bound pholio set and we love the texture of these prints - apparently this is due to a mix of the gicclee print technique and the silky recycled paper which sups up the ink (in a more balanced way than mixed synthetic papers) to produce these wealthy tones.  They are approximately A5 in size and are fully archival quality, signed, sealed and even delivered to your door if you would like, through The Red Door Gallery shop.

The pholio of 5 prints will set you back a mere £50, a strikingly reasonable price for such high quality work from one of our favorite and hotly demanded artists.  

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