Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Cats Eyes On You!

We do love our feline friends here in the gallery so were super excited when Lindsey Brown created a range of Cat Prints for her exhibiton with us. With six different beautiful cat’s to choose from, Lindsey has really made our decision difficult.

They are digital prints of Lindsey’s original drawings with beautiful detailed hand painted eyes and noses.  Choosing to highlight the cats most distictive features.

They look great as a collection, in pairs or choose the closest match to your cute kitty at home.

The fluffy Maincoon is closest to my cat at home.  This little cat or not so little, as they are one of the largest breeds of domestic cat. The largest recorded cat making the Guinness Book of Records at 48.5″ Long. It’s also one of the oldest breeds in North America and is the official state cat of it’s native Maine.

Maine Coon

Another Favourite is the British Short Hair.Lindsey has managed to capture it’s plush grey fur and soft round face perfectly. They are one of the most ancient breeds known and are the pedigree version of the domestic cat. One of the most familiar colours of this breed is the British Blue. Not actually blue but a beautiful grey colour.

Brittish Shorthair

With such a striking and interesting face it’s no surprising that Lindsey chose to include the Oriental Cat in her collection. Lindsey has captured the Oriental Cat breed’s characteristic almond-shaped eyes, triangular head shape and large ears in this wide-eyed cat portrait.  The Oriental cats are said to be social, intelligent, and many are rather vocal!


The Silver Tabby is a  domestic cat featuring distinctive stripes, dots, lines or swirling patterns, usually together with a mark resembling an M on its forehead. Lindsey has perfectly captured the distinctive M on the forehead of her Silver Tabby Cat. The Tabby is also known as the Grey Tiger and is said to have decended from the African Wild Cat.

Silver Tabby

Lindsey’s Persian Cat has the characteristic round race and short muzzle the breed is known for. A popular cat for showing with their long flowing coat and distinctive blue eyes. They are also know for their peaceful nature, making them the perfect house cat.


Lastly in Lindsey’s collection of cat’s is the Korat. An unusual breed originating from Thailand and one of the most ancient natural breeds. Lindsey has captured the Korats large oversize illuminous eyes and heart shaped face. They are known to be intelligent, lively and a playful breed.


I’m sure you will agree this is a beautiful collection of our feline friends.

Lindsey’s exhibition is on until mid November. Come along to see her stunning collection or Cats, Owls and Birds of Prey.

If you can’t make it along to the gallery then all of Lindsey’s work is available to view and purchase here.

Cats Eyes On You!

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