Wednesday, 30 March 2011

French & English Confectioner's

A very talented group of ladies I know run a 'travelling boutique' in London named 'Swanfield on Tour'. They pop up at various locations, hold events and sell the creations of a select cluster of artists and designers.  Last year, whilst visiting a Swanfield location in Soho, I was introduced to the design label French & English Confectioner's.
Established in 2007 and created by Lucie Gonnard, French & English Confectioner's aim is 'to create a range of simple, classic luxury leather goods'. Each product is expertly handmade to order by Lucie in her workshop.
The Red Door Gallery now offers a selection of Lucie's purses and satchels. The purses are available in  the cream or black patent leather or the natural leather (£15.00 each). The satchel comes in either the Classic or Scalloped design (£65.00 each). The Classic can be purchased in black, cream or grey patent leather and the Scalloped in cream or grey. The leather is unbelievably soft and the designs are perfect in their simplicity. I am currently on my second day faced with the dilemma of which colour to go for! It's a tough life. 

P.S A little birdy told me that the Swanfield ladies might be flying in the direction of The Red Door in the not too distant future. Watch this little space...

Post by Rachel.

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