Saturday, 2 April 2011

Mama, You've Been On My Mind...

Clockwise from top - Kate Sheridan Purse - £35, Rebecca Little Teapot Necklace - £32, Kate Sutton 'My Favourite Recipes' - £6, Lovely Pigeon Peacock Brooch - £12. All available in store at The Red Door.

Clockwise from top - Shan Annabelle Valla Earrings - £16, Owls Go Hoot 'Min' Postcards - £4.50, Sunlight on Closed Lids 'Little Boy with Flowers' card - £2.50, Jane Blease Brooches - Small £12.50, Medium £18, Sarah McNeil 'Patchwork' card - £2.50. All available in store at The Red Door

Flower Photographs from the beautiful Saipua blog.
'Mama, You've Been on my Mind' is originally a Bob Dylan song. I believe it's actually written about a girl named Mama but it's so pretty I wanted to include it in this post. 

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