Saturday, 19 March 2011

She's A Rainbow...

The sun is shining and the lovely Kirsty Baynham has very kindly splashed bright and beautiful colours all over The Red Door Gallery. 'Felt Tip Butterflies', 'Cloud Mobile' and 'I Heart Russian Warships' are some of the imaginative titles given to Kirsty's Giclee Prints. We have a selection of six prints in store with prices ranging from £10 - £25. Each colouful design is carefully printed by Kirsty herself on her very own Giclee Printer.
If, like me, these illustrations are right up your sunny street, we also have greeting cards (£2.50 each), postcard sets (£3.50) and adorable mini card sets (£4.50) available for your delectation.  

Colours Everywhere!


Annarack said...

These are awesome....when I come to the red door gallery next time, I may just have to buy one. Fab colours.

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