Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Edinburgh College of Art Window Illustration

exhibition poster-web-square

Victoria Bell from ECA is illustrating on our windows, live updates all day!  Victoria designed the poster for our 3rd year Illustration Student Exhibition, which will be hung today and available online soon.  We have some impressive pieces in from this pro-active student group.

IMG_20150324_111307Our windows have been unusually empty this morning, so we are looking forward to seeing the final display and Window Illustration.

IMG_20150324_110118 Please join us on instagram @RedDoor_Gallery, Facebook “The Red Door Gallery, Edinburgh” and Twitter @RedDoor_Gallery to see the exhibition unfold.IMG_20150324_112820We have some excellent light today, creating some realy interesting images… #LookWhatISawInEdinburgh!

Edinburgh College of Art Window Illustration

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