Friday, 20 March 2015

FridayFavourites - Blue is The Colour!

We’re feeling blue in the gallery for this weeks #fridayfavourites; but it’s not what you think. We’re surrounded by lots of gorgeous new blue artwork and accessories. They take us off dreaming of turquoise blue seas and holidays ahead!

First up and the centrepiece of this weeks favourites, Earth by David Fleck part of his Celestial Cities Collection, each representing the main celestial bodies in our solar system, from the Sun all the way out to Neptune. This is a limited Edition Woodblock print. The full collection can be seen here


Life at Sea anyone? our next two friday favourites could see you dream of the ocean! A must for Wes Anderson fans in the new Steve Zissou Print by AndSmile Studio the perfect illustration of Steve lost at sea! Love Steve so much that you want to carry him around all day? We can help with that, he also comes as a brooch!

steve zissou TLA - held

The perfect collection of notebooks for capturing your memoirs at sea ( or just doodling and hangman!) New from Hole in my pocket is their Life On the Ocean Waves Notebook Set. Beautifully illustrated with the adventures and characters of their little Ships Crew.

A Life On the Ocean Waves Jotter Set

Perfect blues, the new Leather purse range from Keecie has arrived! Buttery soft leather with unique screen printing inside! We have a range of styles from mini card/coin holder for those that like to travel light through to larger purses for those that like to carry everything but the kitchen sink!!

Mini Me Faded BlueLike to colour in? This is the perfect Shit Colouring book from Carolyn Alexander. Pens at the ready……..there’s lots of rude characters in there, might be difficult to keep within the lines when you’re laughing so much!!

It’s lonely out there in the ocean……em fish tank! Poor lonely goldfish by Andy Smith, would love a new home and some exciting surroundings to look at! This is a great solid wood hand painted sculpture. he’s currently bobbing aroud taking in the sights of Victoria Street from our window! Would you like to give this lonely guy a new home?

Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks #fridayfavourites and it’s got you dreaming of the big blue! The sun is on the horizon! head for the beach! Brrrrrrr!!! Bit cold for that in Scotland!

Have a lovely weekend! x

FridayFavourites - Blue is The Colour!

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