Friday, 8 May 2015

Friday Favourites - The Force Is Strong With This One!

We’ve all gone a little bit Star Wars crazy this week. You’d have to be living under a rock on Monday to not be inundated with Star Wars themed posts and tweets across social media.

It seemed only right that our new exhibition ‘Stars Are Braw’ by The Grey Earl was installed on May 4th! Attracting lots of attention as Jon Bishop aka The Grey Earl installed it.  You can see images of his window installation over on our Pinterest page.

Stars Are Braw window prints with darf by The Grey Earl at The Red Door Gallery

If you’d like to find out  a little more about Jon and his work, pop on over to our blog and have a wee read of the Artist Feature we did on him a few months back.

With the arrival of our fab new window, you’ve all been super keen to get your hands on some much loved Star Wars themed prints this week, you lucky guys and gals have had a few of our lovely artists to choose from to get that much needed #fridayfavourites Star Wars fix.

gie's a rocket

First up is just a snippet of what the Stars Are Braw exhibition has to offer. Gies’ A Shit on yer Rocket and You Absolute Belter . Star Wars Characters and Scottish Dialect – A Match made in heaven! These are sure to bring a big smile to your face.


Millenium Falcon For Sale anyone? It’s a bit of a bargain if you ask me! We love this Rich Fairhead print. The perfect gift for the kid that always dreamed of owning his very own when he grew up! Dream Big!


Stormtroopers…..ahem….Kissing?? Treat your other half to this great  2 colour screen print by Barry D Bulsara.


Another in the range by Barry, is Darth Vader Goes Postal.  Really not much to say about this one, Darth Vadar Goes Postal… as he tends to! Limited Edition Screen Print.postal


Barry is a big fan of Star Wars and regularly attends Comicon events. We will be featuring Barry on our blog really soon, Watch this space.

This is just a snippet of the Star Wars themed prints we have in the stock. There are more in the range from The Grey Earl and Barry D Bulsara.

Have a great weekend and May The Force Be With You! ;)


Friday Favourites - The Force Is Strong With This One!

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