Friday, 1 May 2015

Friday Favourites - I Want To Ride My Bicycle

FridayFavsMay1Were we not just super lucky with the beautiful weather last week? We couldn’t wait to get out in the sunshine and explore what Edinburgh has to offer on two wheels. This week well, the sun is shining but it’s a little cold out there, still great weather to grab your bike and head out for a pedal.

This week’s #fridayfavourites is all about our favourite two wheels!

New work has arrived from Barry D Bulsara. We love his new print inspired by the H.G Wells quote. We have to agree. The world would be a much happier place if we all got out cycling a little bit more. There’s so much more to see of the area you live in by bike! We’re spoilt for choice here in Edinburgh. Head for the hills or head for the coast, or both in the same day. They are all but a short cycle away. :)

HG WellsWe’ve just received a new delivery of prints from local artist and keen cyclist Rebecca Kaye. All your favourites are now topped up again. Treat your fellow cyclist to this ‘Great Minds Ride A Bike’ Screen Print.

GREAT_MINDS_BIKE_YWe’re also happy to tell you that, Rebecca’s popular Highland Fling Print is now available as a Poster too. The perfect print to mark your Scottish cycling adventure.

Highland Fling Poster

It can get a little chilly outside, even in the Summer! the perfect cycling accessory to keep you cosy out on your cycling adventures is Stitch Mi Lane Woolen Accessories. These are definitely a must this week!

WEB - Bike Twist Snood cream and pink

SQ - WEB - Bike Twist Snood cream and Navy cuttout 1

We don’t like to head out on our bikes without our trusty puncture repair kit at hand, No one wants to carry their bike home! We love Jeff Josephine’s beautiful Make Tracks Linocut Print. The perfect reminder before you head out the door!



If like us, you know many cyclist that seem to collect bikes, Charlotte Farmers Bicycle Prints are the perfect gift. Charlottes screen prints each feature a number of classic bikes sure to get the bike enthusiast talking about their all time favourite bikes! Tandem anyone? Don’t knock it until you try it! ;)


If you like bikes but aren’t up for an epic journey exploring the landscape, and a fashionable cycle round town is all you care for, then And Smile Studio has the perfect print in her Cheeky Cycling Fox Print. Doesn’t he look cool?

Fox Cyclist

Maybe you’re cool dudes like Claude and Tyrone by Mr Millerchip and you like to show off your skills at the local Skatepark.


However you choose to get out on your two wheels. Have fun!

Happy Long Weekend!


Friday Favourites - I Want To Ride My Bicycle

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