Saturday, 16 April 2016

Record Store Day

High Fidelity 2Today is Record Store Day. A celebration of all the great record stores around the UK. In celebration of this great day of music, artists release exclusive music not usually available, so if you’re confused as to the queues of people outside your local record store, this is why. :)

Not only can you buy exclusive records, many stores will have bands playing throughout the day in celebration so be sure to check out what’s going on in your area and you might get a nice surprise.

You can’t beat the sound and feel of a new record and we’re please to hear that vinyl record sales are on the rise, with just over 2million sold in 2o15.

High Fidelity 1

We love Barry Bulsara’s High Fidelity Print. It’s a homage to the great movie about an American Record Store and originally a book by Nick Hornby.

Saturday In the Record Store. One of our favourite scenes.

Hope the vinyl’s spinning where you are this weekend! :)

Seriously Triangle by Jolly Awesome

Record Store Day

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