Thursday, 14 April 2016

Edinburgh - Our Fair City

We can’t deny,Our fair city of  Edinburgh is a great city to live in. We have an abundance of outdoor space, beautiful views, historic buildings, a buzzing art & design scene and an ever expanding collection of coffee shops, bars and eateries, which means we’re always spoilt for choice.

IMG_20160414_171600Emily Hogarth’s Limited Edition Screen Print Arthurs Seat

It also proves to be a great inspiration for artist and designers in the city. We love to see the different ways in which our artists capture Edinburgh; and why not take home a unique piece of art to remind yourself of your time in the city?

Forth Rail Bridge, Susie Wright, Iconic Structure, Scottish Landmark, Edinburgh, South Queensferry, Sea, Edinburgh Art, our fair city

Susie Wright’s collection of beautiful Limited Edition Screen Prints are the perfect reminder. With different views from across the city, we’re sure you’ll find your favourite spot in her collection. Susie has just released a New range of limited edition Screen Prints including one of Unesco World Heritage SiteThe Forth Rail Bridge. It’s a true Icon, but technically not in Edinburgh.  We do love a day trip to South Queensferry to take in the views, and have a walk along the seafront.

Old Town Bikes, Edinburgh, Our Fair City

Old Town Bikes by David Fleck is a popular choice for the bicycle lover. David was approached by the creator of The Edinburgh Harris Tweed Ride to illustrate his great collection of bikes against the back drop of Edinburgh. The Old Town has played host to numerous bike races over the years. For those of you that have cycled over the cobbles, you’ll know it can be a little hairy at times!

Voyages Over Edinburgh, Our Fair City

Voyages over Edinburgh continues to captures the hearts of visitors to Edinburgh. This print illustrates a day, way back in the late 1700’s when Edinburgh’s sky was filled with hot air balloons for the very first time.  This tale caught David Fleck’s imagination as it must have been a pretty magical and inspirational sight for most the capital’s residents.Voyages,The Joy Collection, Our Fair City

Why not carry this beautiful image with you everyday in the shape of one of his laser etched iPhone cases?These are part of the Joy Collection with his sister Claire Fleck.


We have so many local artists that have captured their own unique views of Edinburgh, we are sure to have something for everyone and every budget.

Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Our Fair City

We’ll finish with this print from another talented resident artist Eilidh Muldoon. She’s even featured our little gallery in this fun print. Can you spot your favourite independent shops?


Eilidh captures both well known places of the past and present day in her unique collection of Edinburgh Prints.


Never fear if you’ve forgotten to take home a souvenir of your trip. We ship around the world. :)


Edinburgh - Our Fair City

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