Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Lindstrom Effect"s DIY Thaumatrope Workshop

CTcg4_oUAAAq7rWGot your ticket for tomorrow night’s #NMSLates?  The Lindstrom Effect’s DIY Thaumatrope workshop will be a goodie, so be sure to head to the Hawthorndale Court as early as possible.

Map of NMSThe lead artists behind the thaumartope workshop design are Edinburgh based The Lindstrom Effect, AKA Iain Bruce and Vala Jonsdotter.iainvalaEntomological Studies prints by the lindstrom effectIain and Vala established The Lindstrom Effect back in 2009 but have been colaborating on their beautiful projects for years before this.  The above prints are inspired by the Victorian tradition of capturing, pinning and studing insects and are available to view in more detail here.From The North prints by the lindstrom effectIain and Vala draw inspiration from their shared love of photography, film, science and of course from the environments and landscapes they visit, both home and away.Icelandic Landscape 1 By The Lindstrom EffectVala was born in Iceland and has her family roots there, so there is a real beauty and understnading to their Icelandic Landscape print series, Number 1 of which is shown above.


If you would like to see some of their print works in the flesh, we have a small exhibition at the NMS Lates event tomorrow night.  Tickets are on sale here and as part of the night, you will experience live music, great cocktails and of course, of course, the Thaumatrope workshop created by the tallented Lindstrom Effect.  We have a selection of their works available online here too.

Have a lovely evening :]

The Lindstrom Effect"s DIY Thaumatrope Workshop

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