Friday, 6 November 2015

Friday Favourites - Here Bear And Everywhere

FridayFavsMrPWe all love a pun and even more so when they’re paired with some cute animal friends.

Mister Peebles is a big favourite in the gallery and we were super happy when the lovely Helen added to her ever expanding collection.

2016 Here Bear and Everywhere Calendar

Why not bring Bring a fun Bear Pun in to your life every month of the year, with her new 2016 Here Bear and Everywhere Calendar? These have been flying our our Red Doors since they arrived.


Octobear is definitely a favourite! :)

Many of the cute bears found in her Calendar are also available as prints.

Ursa Major Ursa Minor A2 Print

Ursa Major Ursa Minor is available super sized to A2. A beautiful print with gorgeous blue watercolour sky.

Scale Great Heights

We’ve got the perfect prints for the Adventurers in your life with Scale Great Heights and Kayak. We love the colours Helen has injected in to her new range of prints.


Everyones favourite Major Tom, David Meowie now available in both A3 and A4 sizes.


Add in Jimi Hen Drix and you’ve got the perfect musical pair!

Jimi Hen Drix

The weekend is calling Alpaca Suitcase!

Alpaca Suitcase

Happy Friday! :)


Friday Favourites - Here Bear And Everywhere

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