Sunday, 8 February 2015

You're Braw = LOVE!

Love-window 2015“You’re Braw” is Scots for “I love you” as you can tell from our braw Valentine’s window!  We have put all of our crazy little LOVE THINGS in one place online, to help you find the right “Toucan” of affection for your “Perfect Pair“.



If you are looking for a romantic print, we reccomend having a look at Pleased To Meet, David Fleck or Freya Cummings, if you are looking for something a little more edgey, or even a little rude, how about Rich Fairhead, Laura Gee, or Barry D Bulsara?

Rabbit-Cufflinks-MCperfect pair2mcAnother top tip from The Red Door team, is to create your own unique perfect pair of gits, Niki Fulton’s “Pear” mugs shown in the grid above are the perfect example, why not have a wonder through our homewares and jewellery pages to see if you can find your own perfect match for your Valentine or Galentine?ROSE

Our Pop Out greetings cards are going down a storm already, we have a huge range to choose from and each DIY sculpture of say a Plane, Monkey or Rose comes with a matching, traditional greetings card and are just a dream to post.kiss-me-brooch-Copy-mcLastly, we are delighted to have Twiggd’s collection of fun, love themed brooches and earrings in for Valentine’s, have a peep here to learn a little more about Tara and her processes.  We hope you all have a fab Feb 14th when it comes!

You're Braw = LOVE!

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