Sunday, 1 February 2015

New Artist - Twiggd

TwiggdNew Year and lots of new artists arriving at the gallery. Today we have the pleasure of sharing with you local talent Twiggd.

Tara of Twiggd is the maker of the new colourful wooden illustrated jewellery now behind our Red Doors.

It’s always interesting to find out the background on our artists so here’s a little bit about Tara,

Tara studied fashion and textile design for 5 years at Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee before learning traditional cabinetmaking and wood working at the Chippendale School of Furniture. Whilst studing she started making and selling jewellery online. Turning out to be a great success, it became her main focus. Tara quickly realised she loved working with wood but hated measuring things so much so that furniture making was not for her! Although the knowledge of proper woodworking techniques has been invaluable as she uses a lot of solid woods in designs, her favourites being Oak and Walnut.

Tara now works full time making beautiful laser etched and hand painted jewellery. She has amazing attention to detail and a steady hand, painting the sometimes intricate designs on her jewellery.

original_wooden-gem-geometric-bead-necklace-2 - Copy

The name Twiggd was born whilst she was studying. A ‘woody’ name seemed appropriate for her brand but she also wanted something that would work across a range of different disciplines from illustration, jewellery design, interiors, all the different things she thought she might do. So she stuck on Twiggd loving  that it had two meanings. Not just the wood nature of what she was making but also that ‘to twig’ means ‘to get it’.

We are sure you will all ‘get her’ illustrative jewellery. It’s flying out our red doors as we speak.

original_circle-chevron-wooden-stud-earrings-2 - Copy

Tara takes inspiration from her favourite books and TV shows, Nature, The Scottish landscape, people and funny words when making her jewellery. We’re sure her beautiful black cats Dante and Magnus, are the inspiration behind her cute cat heart earrings.These will be appearing online next week. If you just can wait that long then contact us at the gallery and we can be sure to sort you out.

We’re all big cat fans here so are all hoping that someone special might buy us these little guys for the impending Valentines Day. Tara has also very kindly made us some giant Cat Hearts for our Valentines inspired window this month. Be sure to stop by and check them out.


original_cat-heart-wooden-brooch-2 - Copy

We hope you’ll all agree, Twiggd is a welcomed addition to the Red Door!

Welcome Aboard Tara!




New Artist - Twiggd

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