Wednesday, 26 January 2011

factorycraft album promo 01 'Shallow' from FOUND on Vimeo.

Having the perfect sound track helps keep the beat to a good day... and we get an extra cheery dimple when we hear Scottish musicians creating a song and dance in the national press... Vic Galloway has been singing the praises of Edinburgh's own Art and Pop collective Found. For the full interview check out the Guardian's Edinburgh Blog, but here's a wee snippet from Vic Galloway himself

" (Found) ... blend electronics with songwriting and guitars. They're really inventive and they've got a record coming out and I really think the world's got to hear that record. They've got so many ideas. I think they're as good as anything that's coming out of London, the United States or Japan or anything. And it's right on our doorstep."

Found currently have an sound based art piece installed in the Royal British Society of Sculpture as part of the Material Rites Exhibition curated by the RSA's Sandy Wood... they are also heading off on tour around the UK next month with the awesome Phantom Band.  They are having not one... but TWO album launch nights (one for weegies and one for burgers) and just incase this is making them sound a little... you know... busy... they are also playing in Glasgow on the January 28th at the Old Fruit market along side Cybraphon... their hand built autonomous emotional band... in a wardrobe... with a scheduled like that and beats like those...there's gonna be a lota good days...

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