Friday, 15 July 2016

ECA Graduate Showcase

mainblogimageThe degree shows seem but a distant memory now. This means we now get to showcase all the great work from the most recent graduates.

If you’re a regular visitor to the gallery and our blog, you’ll remember the ‘Look What I Saw Exhibition’ we did with 3rd Year Students at ECA (Edinburgh College of Art) last year. The illustration students illustrated their favourite views in Edinburgh, with some very unique and interesting results.


Fast forward a year and these students have now graduated and we’re excited to have some of their 1st work as freelance illustrators behind our Red Doors.

Valpuri Karinen Edinburgh Unicorn

Valpuri Karinen is one of them, originally from Finland and now spending her time working as a freelance illustrator between Finland and Edinburgh. We’re sure you’ll remember her quirky illustrative style and her Edinburgh Unicorn Print. This print raised many a question, Who was the long haired man riding the unicorn?

Lapland Nature by Valpuri Valpa Karinen

We love this beautiful new piece by Valpuri. Titled Lapland Nature, it was inspired by the Artist’s research trip to Lapland in her final year studying at ECA.

hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, valpuri karinen, eggs

Fan of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? You’ll love Valpuri’s collection inspired by this. We also have a range of great greetings cards, available from the gallery on Victoria Street.

jelly fish, under the sea, hari draws, hari conner

Hari Conner is the next graduate who also took part in the exhibition. Now working under the name Hari Draws. Hari spends her time between London and Edinburgh and fun fact, She also has a 1st Class CertHe in Astrophysics. You can definitely see this influence in Hari’s work and she’s illustrated for a number of science publications. Hari also writes comics. you can check out her work here

sharks, under the sea, great white, basking, hari draws, hari conner

Not only is Hari’s work available in beautiful print form, she’s created a range of zip cases and sticker packs. Perfect for all your pens or gaming needs.


Last but most certainly not least in this weeks graduate showcase is Maria Riktepyte. Her work is the translation of her inner responses to the outer world. Maria’s fascination with metaphors and symbols results in imagination-stirring images that dance the line between fiction and reality.

Product photo of Habitat print by Maria Rikteryte

Her Habitat print caught our attention at the degree show and we’re pleased to now be showing Maria’s beautiful work in the gallery.

Healthy Diet Manifesto 3 of the Set of 5 Postcards by Maria Rikteryte

One of the more recent additions to her collection are her Healthy Diet Manifesto Postcards. Very appropriate in our health obsessed society. Don’t Get Angry over Candy is a definite favourite of ours.

The Red Door has been in business for over 12 years now, we are always proud to represent new and exciting graduates straight out of art schools both in Scotland and up and down the UK. Many of the long standing illustrators that we showcase were ECA Graduates themselves.

Castle City A3 by Susie Wright

Susie Wright is one of many past ECA Graduates.

It can be a tough task selecting the wonderful collections we have in the gallery, thankfully we have our Creative Manager Nicky who hand picks our cohesive collection of art, design and accessories.

Happy Weekend! :)

ECA Graduate Showcase

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