Tuesday, 21 June 2016

At The Movies

at the movies, movie blog, wes anderson, harry potter, napoleon dynamite, steve zissou,ryan gosling, lego menThe Edinburgh Film Festival is in full swing. with another 5 days to go, there are still loads of great movies to catch. Best get in there quick as some of the hotly tipped shows have already sold out.

For those of you unaware of the festival, it’s been going since 1947 and is world renowned for discovering and promoting the best in International cinema. You can find out more about it here. and book tickets to some great movies.

at the movies, movie blog, wes anderson, harry potter, napoleon dynamite, steve zissou,ryan gosling, lego men, batman

We have a selection in the online shop completely dedicated to Movies, Tv and Icons. We thought what better week to showcase some of our favourites than this week,  when you’re all in the Movie watching mood.

royal tenebaums, margo and richie, wes anderson, at the movies, and smile

Both staff and customers are big fans of Wes Anderson movies and Victorija of And Smile has captured some of her favourite characters just perfectly in her unique illustrative style.


Moonrise Kingdom is one of our favourites. All Wes Anderson movies are visually beautiful but there’s something extra special about this one. Maybe its the bright mustard yellow theme that flows throught the movie.

Carry the little love birds Susie & Sam with you wherever you go with these cute little pin brooches by And Smile.

wes anderson, moonrise kingdom, suzy and sam, at the movies

Harry Potter will forever be in everyone’s hearts. There’s even Harry Potter Tours around Edinburgh. We love Barry Bulsara’s take on the comedic duo from the movie The Weasley Brothers. If you love Harry Potter, you’ll enjoy this very different take on the blockbuster movies.

Harry Potter Tribute Print

Do you like seeing your name in lights? If the answer is Yes then you’ll love these light boxes but A Lovely Little Company. Very reminicent of the old school signs outside the cinemas.

lovely little company, bright lights, cinema sign, at the movies

Want to colour in your favourite Movie Stars? Then these fun colouring books by I Love Mel are just perfect for you. Choose from Ryan Gosling, Eddie Redmaine, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, James Franco and Jamie Dornan, we’re sure there might even be space to draw yourself beside your chosen actor. :)

ryan gosling, at the movies, colouring books, I Love Mel

A movie feature wouldn’t be complete without The Grey Earl. His super popular Stars Are Braw series is always flying out our red doors. There are now two new additions to his Bat Boy collection. Bat Boy v Super Boy and Bat Baby. Worthy additions to his ever expanding collection.

vs. superboy print

Delicious Bass anyone? This fun linocut has just arrived from Woah There Pickle. If you’ve seen Nepoleon Dynamite then you’ll get this very funny print.

delicious bass, napoleon dynamite, at the movies, social awkward one liners, woah there pickleWe just had to end on everyone’s favourite Socially Awkward character and one of the funniest clips from the film.

Happy Movie watching! :)



At The Movies

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