Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Beer Cheers!

Beer Cheers, Beers, Bars, beer cans, beer guide, how beer is made, fonts, typography, jokes, humorousWith the rise of Craft Beer and numerous small independent breweries opening up across the world. Artists seek inspiration from one of their favourite tipples.

As beers fight to be seen in niche shops and bars across the globe. Many breweries are now seeking the work of local artists and illustrators to design their labels. We’re a sucker for a nice label and definitely feel the pull for artistic flair in the beer isle.

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One artist currently selling work behind our Red Doors has paired up with a local bar to design labels and other illustrated goodies to help them stand out from the crowd.

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Hannah Botma, who you all know and love for her Dinosaur prints, also works as Creative Director at Hanging Bat. Designing everything from Labels to Signage within their bar and sister bar Spit/Fire. If you’re after a good beer on your next visit to Edinburgh then these are two highly recommended stops for their great selection of local and world beers.

4444 Fonts screenprint by Andy SmithPuns, Fonts, Beers, Screen Prints………What’s not to love?

We do love Andy Smith’s collection of Bright, Bold Screen Prints. featuring many of his favourite jokes and ours too! This one is quite fitting for our beer themed blog this week. We don’t serve your Type in here………..get it?



Rich Fairhead has a humorous collection of Risograph prints all based on fictional beers. Available as a larger print or as individual prints. Livid Tiger Anyone?

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Do you like beer but need a helping hand trying to find your perfect pint? Stuart Gardiner’s Beer Tea Towel guides are sure to help you out. There are three in the collection, Beer Pairing, Beer Guide and How Beer Is Made. You’ll be a pro in no time! :)beer, beer guide, tea towel, red door gallery, stuart gardiner, Support the great beer revolution and indulge in your favourites in celebration of St Patricks Day tomorrow! It should really be a Guiness! But we won’t tell anyone if you want to indulge in some of your local favourites. I’m sure one of the Brewpubs near you will be pouring some artisan Irish Beers in honour of the day.

Happy Celebrating!!

Beer Cheers!

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