Tuesday, 9 February 2016

How to make Pancakes!

How to Make Pancakes TeatowelHappy pancake day chums!  Here’s a supre cute teatowel with all you need to know about how to make pancakes.  Yours for just £10.  We do love a multi purpose tea towel here in the gallery!Beer Food Pairing Full TeatowelThis Beer pairing tea towel will help you find the perfect beer to go with your pancakes, crepes or drop scones.  There are more in the range including wine pairing and cocktail recipies.

queen-elizabeth-drop-sconesGrowing up, we used to have Scotch Pancakes (AKA drop scopnes) as a snack after school – not every day, but regularly enough to be a thing.  If you make a thicker batter than a crepe batter, and use a rising aganet (self raising flower will work!) you can “drop” the batter into a hot pan, off a table spoon.  The rules in our house was you make your own, eat them as you make them with butter and jam and if you made the batter, someone else made their batch first :)

Happy Pancake Day!


How to make Pancakes!

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