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Artist Feature - Barry D Bulsara

Barry Bulsara_4This weeks Artist Feature is Barry D Bulsara. Barry hails from Leicester and is a relatively new artist to the gallery, having started working with us at the end of 2014. His work has been a resounding success with our customers all eager to get their hands on his ‘pop culture’ inspired screen prints, all are limited edition and hand pulled by Barry himself.

The Big Lebowski 1One of Barry’s most popular prints to date – Now sadly out of edition!

Barry works full – time as a Graphic Designer and in his spare time designs and makes his fun prints for us all to enjoy. He took the time out of his busy schedule to give us a little insight to his world and what inspires him as an artist.

Hit pause on your favourite Big Bang episode and find out a little bit more about what makes Barry tick!


You studied at Glasgow School of Art, What did you study, Why Glasgow and what did you enjoy about the city?

I studied Visual Communication, specialising in Graphic design. My reason for choosing Glasgow was a bit random, I had just returned from a year of travelling abroad and realised that I had never been to Scotland so thought why not do my degree there! Although I didn’t particularly like the course I was on, I loved the city, it’s night life and atmosphere. Glasgow is known for it’s excellent Nightlife! We can see why Barry enjoyed his time through the West!

What do you like to do when you need to get away from work?

I love what I do so it very rarely feels like work but when I want to switch off I just watch the latest TV box set or film, which is kind of research for me, but enjoyable all the same.

Barry Bulsara_2Barry hard at work screen printing – I wonder what print it might be…………?

We all like a good coffee in the gallery, Where’s your favourite place to go and why?

I like to get out of the studio every day and go for a coffee to my local bar the Orange Tree. I tend to sit at the bar with my laptop catching up on admin work or with my sketchpad working on ideas. It’s a great little independent place with a very chilled out vibe and as well as displaying my work they make great mochas!

As your work is inspired by pop culture, what is your all time favourite tv series and movie? This is a difficult one, feel free to name your top 3!

This is a very difficult one! But off the top of my head I would say The West Wing, Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory. As far as movies; Star Wars (the original 3 of course) and the Lord of the Ring trilogy.

SONY DSCWhat’s the most enjoyable part of designing and making your own prints?

This might sound a bit cheesy but I design all my prints with me as the ‘client’ so when someone else likes one of my prints enough to part with their hard earned cash, it’s a great endorsement and confidence boost.

ConventionWe’re sure this print was inspired from Barry’s visits to comic book festivals, it features all your favourites!

Lastly, You’ve taken part in a few Comic Con festivals,You’ve met quite a few of your favourite Actor/Characters. Who’s been your favourite?

I’ve always been a bit hesitant about meeting my TV & film ‘heroes’ incase they’re having a bad day and are rude or mean. But I’ve met Josef Altin who played Pypar in Game Of Thrones, he was lovely and we chatted for quite a while over coffee. I would have to say my highlight would be meeting the actors who played Helga and Herflick from ‘Allo ‘Allo, I have very fond memories of watching that show growing up.

Con51Here’s Barry with Helga and Herflick at Comic Con – Doesn’t he look happy?

We’d like to thank Barry for giving us a little insight in to his practice and look forward to seeing what movies and cult classics he’s inspired by next. Do you have a favourite you’d love to be given the Barry treatment?

Now where did we leave Sheldon, Howard and the gang?……………………………….

Artist Feature - Barry D Bulsara

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