Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday Favourites - Look What I Saw In Edinburgh

ECAFridayFavsAs the ECA 3rd Year Illustration Exhibition – Look What I Saw In Edinburgh Exhibition draws to a close shortly, we thought we’d share with you a snippet of some of our customer favourites from the exhibition, in this week’s friday favourites.

We’d love to feature them all but we couldn’t quite fit them all in. We’ll be doing our #shelflife feature on each print on facebook and twitter over the next week or so.

It’s been great to have so many different views of Edinburgh. They’ve created great talking points with our customers especially those visiting, looking for something special and unique to take home from their trip to Edinburgh.


We’re pretty sure you won’t have missed the Edinburgh Unicorn by Valpuri Karinen gracing our window . A fun print in bright contrasting colours, depicting scenes from Edinburgh and Scotlands National Animal –  The Unicorn! Who better to be riding the Unicorn than a long haired Scot’s man. Could it be the Big Yin himself? Mr Billy Connolly. If you’re lucky you may have spotted  Billy shopping in the gallery! He’s not just funny, he’s got great taste and likes supporting local artists too! ;)

Valpuri Karinen Edinburgh Unicorn

Drew Walker’s Untitled piece has attracted lots of attention in our window. A moody, atmospheric print; once framed  It’s a little like looking through a tiny window. A common feature in many of the old town buildings. We love the texture of this print, you can see the painterly brush strokes in this piece. It really does evoke the eerie feeling of wandering the alley ways of EdinburghClose By Drew Walker


Peony Gent just couldn’t decide what print to choose for the exhibition so she treated us to two! :) Her Edinburgh Sites print has been well admired with it’s various iconic buildings including the great statue of David Hume, Calton Hill, The National Museum of Scotland amongst many others.

Edinburgh Sites by Peony Gent

Rosanna Corfe takes on the Royal Mile with her print. The original created using pen and ink with some beautiful geomtric details. It definitely evokes a feeling of a rainy day in Edinburgh walking down the Royal Mile with it’s beautiful buildings! Don’t forget to look up, to see the wonderful architecture.

Rosie Corfe Royal Mile

Paige Collins has captured Edinburgh at Dusk. We love the bright colours in this print with the light trails from cars and lights. she’s captured the atmosphere of Edinburgh as night falls.

Dusk Edinburgh by Paige Collins

Ellie Walker chose to take her view a few miles outside the city to The Pentlands. A beautiful place to explore the Great Outdoors yet so close to the city centre. Ellie also created a wee travel guide to accompany her print. Outside In Edinburgh. We featured her beautifully illustrated guide a few weeks back on the blog. Take a Peep!

Ellie Walker - Outside in Edinburgh - sample page 1

We hope you’ve enjoyed the exhibition from this talented bunch! Keep your eyes peeled for the other artists in this exhibition, featured over the next few days.

Have a great weekend, get out and explore some of the sites above in Edinburgh.

Friday Favourites - Look What I Saw In Edinburgh

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