Friday, 3 April 2015

Friday Favourites Colouring In!

IMG_20150403_180545This weeks Friday Favourites features our favourite Unofficial Colouring Book collection I Love Mel’s range of cheeky books are themed around the good looking fameous folks we all love (possibly love to hate) or an era or genra that particularly appeals to designer behind the brand, Mel Elliot.  We can’t think of a better family activity for kid-adults!

front_cover_1024x1024This Tom Hiddleston colouring book has great pages inviting you to join in with the colouring and drawing fun: draw yourself in various hilarious scenarios involving Tom! Draw him presents and horses and sandwiches!

CMGGoslingThis colouring book is for the hard-core Ryan Gosling fan or someone who just needs to cheer up a bit after surviving The Notebook (maybe give them a few days just to avoid unnecessary trauma). It contains images of Ryan, using a variety of Ryans that we all know and love:  Ryan in The Notebook, Ryan in Drive, Ryan in Crazy Stupid Love, Ryan in The Ides of March,  Ryan with his dog George, Ryan in sunglasses, Ryan in regular glasses, Ryan winking, laughing, smiling… oh ra ra!

Colour Me Good HarryFrom the moment Harry Styles appeared in the XFactor audition room, women, girls and boys everywhere were all of a flutter – and they haven’t stopped fluttering since.  There are 16 different styles of Harry to colour in along with lots of fun and games, as well as a mini-biography and discography.

These books measure 21 x 21cm and is printed on ecoplex paper (which is made from 100% post consumer waste!) and cost just £7.50 for a date with your hero!  Hope you’ve enjoyed your Friday Favourites Colouring In!  Happy Easter holiday! x

Friday Favourites Colouring In!

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