Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Evelina's Christmas Gift Ideas

evelinaThe Red Door’s Evelina has given us a sneek preview of her ChristmasGift list as inspiration for yours!  We are just hoping her family don’t read this *Spoiler Allert* as below you can see a range of her gift ideas and exactly who they are intended for.

Evelina has recently finished her Masters in Fine Art, specialising in Sculpture and as you can see below, she has a great sense of colour!  Evelina is also a huge fan of the beaded necklace you can see in her gift choices selected for her younger sister.  This beauty is not available in our online shop as each piece is unique, just as with the watch part cufflinks selected for Evelina’s boyfriend.  If you would like to hear more, just give us a call on 01314773255 or email for more information.

To view Evelina’s collection in our online shop and to learn a little more about her, click here or the images below if something catches your eye!

boyfriend-textcrafty BROTHER copy Push-Bike-Cufflinks-510x510 dad2 copy mom copy sister 1 copy sister2 copystepdad copystep-mom copy ster-mom-detail-adj

Evelina's Christmas Gift Ideas

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