Thursday, 4 September 2014

David Fleck Workshop

Fleckwithwork3-600August is an awesome time here in Edinburgh and we love getting involved however we can, so here’s a quick post, chock a block with photos from our second After Hours event with a David Fleck workshop, at NMS (The National Museum of Scotland).

WelcomeOur welcome desk, featuring artworks by David Fleck, and collaborative products made with his business partner and sister, Claire Fleck.  Click here to see more of David’s prints and click here to see the various products, including I-phone cases.

Laying the first piecesDavid and Claire were on hand to help start the event off, carefully laying down the first pieces of fabric which will add colour to the skyline David created.  Click here to see how he made the boards.

CraftinRedTableLots of folks popped by through the course of the evening to cut their favourite swatches of fabric and pin on their designs to the pin board skyline.

working-whiteWe were so pleased with the reaction from all the participants, great banter and some truly creative collage, believe it or not, there is a Godzilla in there somewhere, attacking the city from the back drop!

DSC_1535Above is a snapshot taken late on in the evening, before the final pieces were pinned.  The finished piece is on display at The National Museum of Scotland, so pop along to see the results of many, many hands, making light work!

David Fleck Workshop

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